10 Digital Marketing ideas to convince parents that your Online Kids Stores is the best

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10 Digital Marketing ideas to convince parents that your Online Kids Stores is the best

Children, at some point in our lives many of us will choose to take the role of parents to live an incredible adventure.
It is there where the children’s stores help us get the necessary items to maintain the well-being of our children, and this ranges from children’s clothing, baby cars, toys, cribs, among many others.

Like many market niches, this one is highly competitive since many stores seek to help parents of newborns and those who are already more experienced to have a more stable family relationship and, above all, keep their children happy and healthy. According to data from Statista, profits in the children’s market have grown to USD 604 million, and it is expected that by 2022 this market will increase by 16%.

Standing out from the competition is always a goal for all online businesses. Today at CodeDesign, we’ll give you some great ideas for parents to choose your business as the best over the competition.

Get ready because we will learn a little about how parents behave and how children behave!

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Prioritize spending on your website

Competing in any online niche is hard. Thanks to its easy accessibility for people worldwide, creating your own business is easier than it has ever been. So an excellent way to stand out is to make your website easy to navigate and use.

Invest what is necessary for a pleasant platform to see and whose navigation is intuitive for all users, since it does not matter if you have the best prices or products. If your website is not pleasant for the user, they will leave it right away.

On your website, you should have professional photos of our products. But, another fantastic piece to make it work is adding USPs like free delivery, flexible payment options and make sure to display any special offer or discount in your onsite copy. Make it user-friendly!

And we can talk about websites without taking SEO to the table since it is the principal tool to make your website show on the top of every search engine list. In our blog, you can read tuns of articles on SEO to make your strategy better.

At , we are pleased to haves, and their website is an excellent example of how it should work.

Focus on what parents want to buy

Yes, your store sells products for children or babies, but they are not the ones with wallets or credit cards. When you sell, you should do it by providing solutions to parental chores to make your life a little more comfortable.

There are two things you should cover for parents:

So always remember, sell with the needs of parents in mind.

The experience of raising your children is beautiful and unforgettable, so it is an excellent idea to share your thoughts about children through a blog.

For this, it would be good to hire a “mummy blogger” or a father and write about different topics of interest about fatherhood and their experiences with children. 

First-time parents and even children between 8 and 10 years old seek the best way to guide their pupils on a good path. By sharing your ideas on your blog, you will generate a great flow of feedback with all the experiences that will be shared. That indirectly will make your store a more reliable place since you sell and care about the welfare of your audience.

Of course, as we do in CodeDesign, we remind you that the important thing is perseverance in making content. Two to 4 blogs per week are enough to keep your audience engaged.

Go into social media platforms.

If you are an online store, it is a primary need for you to be on social media.

These will be the channels in which your audience will find you, and for that, you must choose the proper channels for your audience.

Today, there is a wide range of social networks, but the idea is not to be in all places simultaneously. The ideal is to be in the place where your consumers are going to be.

These are the most used social networks according to a 

Then social networks will give you an infinite opportunity to create content. Some of these can be:

Use stories on, frequent questions, and others.

Your social networks play an essential part in your attention to the public since through a DM or a direct message, your clients will begin to ask you various things, and if you do not attend them in time, you will lose a potential client. So stay connected with these networks!

Take advantage of rich pins on Pinterest.

As we saw in the previous idea, Pinterest is one of the mothers’ social networks most used, so placing your online store on this platform is a great idea.

For this, you will use the Rich Pins, which consists of placing extra descriptions on your pins with details about the products you sell, then this will take them directly to your website to continue with the customer journey to the pay button.

The only thing you need for this is that your website has been approved by Pinterest.

Stay updated with kids’ pop culture.

Movies, video games, series and cartoons are things that children love, and not so children too. However, the merchandising business is an infinite source of income for film production houses since, in addition to taking advantage of the proceeds at the box office, they continue to receive an absurd amount of profit for the merchandise of their intellectual properties.

A clear example is the Star Wars action figures, sold at exorbitant prices depending on their exclusivity. For example, a figure of the character Boba Fett from the famous movie series costs a large amount of 50,000 Euros, enough money for just a piece of plastic.

You have to be in tune with all the trends of your audience, children. Study what movies, cartoons, or pop culture content drives them crazy to start offering them all their merchandise. Your sources of information will be properties like Disney, Sony Animations, Netflix and all children’s channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. 

Support Good Charity Event Causes 

We all admire an excellent human being, so if you support a good cause for children with your business, customers with the same vision will contribute to your good reason. When you sponsor hot fundraisers for children’s communities, it shows that you care about your people and are looking to do good in the world.

You can offer discounts on your products and donate a percentage to support charity events. Invite your community to participate in this for brand awareness and publicity exposure.

Personalized Experience

Nowadays, customers want a multi-channel experience, something personal and easy to use at every customer journey stage.

When you want to create a personal experience for every customer, you could use a series of methods, like conversion rate optimization, which is an excellent way of analyzing how to improve the customer conversion journey.

If you offer baby clothes, a great option is to allow parents to customize children’s outfits with all your choices. There are also A/B testing tools that can help you figure out what options work the best for your users. 

If you can adapt each experience for customers based on location, gender, interests and many more sociological data, your brand can take advantage of this information regarding personalization.

Create Video Reviews

Toy reviews are like CNN for kids, and also parents, but mostly kids.

Go back to when you looked at Toys commercials on TV; you looked at that He-Man action figure or maybe the Jurassic Park toys and wished to be playing with all those toys. Nowadays, kid YouTubers review all these toys, and people love it since it is like a projection that allows you to play with them in your imagination.

So, it is a beautiful idea to have your own “Toy Reviewer” that lets kids and parents know how fun or functional is your products.

Showcase Your Past Success Stories

Once you have used all these ideas that we gave you in this article, there will be no doubt that you will have many satisfied customers, either with your products or with your online performance in all your channels.

Now is the time to share your success stories!

Go directly to the highlights of your stories or to a section on your website where you will place all the success stories you have had with your online store.

When customers see that , this will give your store more excellent reliability, and they will not hesitate to choose you over the competition.

Contact your trusted customers and ask them to review your store, so make sure that if you receive a negative review, you try to resolve the customer’s problem as soon as possible, so you will not have stains on your file!

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips carefully, your store will most likely stand out from the rest since you have not only focused on profits but have also been concerned about the well-being of your community and the happiness of parents and children. In the end, this does a good service, offers solutions and well-being to its consumers so that the profits will grow anyway.

Remember that in CodeDesign, we specialize in digital marketing, with services for Amazon, so don’t hesitate to  to take your online business to the next level!

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