10 digital marketing tips

Enter the digital world: there are no excuses. Nowadays, every business has to be on the Internet, yes because yes. Those companies that do not want to disappear must be in cyberspace actively.

Create a blog: sharing quality content is one of the keys to success. Content is the unbeatable king of positioning.

Use social networks: focus on those platforms depending on the market where you operate. Don’t post in a disorganized way, get organized and talk to specialists. Set real goals and focus on meeting them.

Listen to your community: focus on knowing what your potential customers want, what they like and what their needs are. It is important to create a virtual community around the brand.

Make promotions constantly: focus on your customers enjoying promotions and special offers from time to time. Everyone likes to save some money or earn some detail, no matter how small.

Do not sell: the best way to attract customers is not to sell directly but to make your customers fall in love and build trust with all the competitive advantages of your brand, products and services.

Use E-mail Marketing: offer promotions and information through this medium. Of course, do not sin by doing too much spam.

Spread videos of your business: as they say, a video is worth a thousand words. Short but effective videos.

Include some free directory on your website: this will increase your page traffic. Also try to get natural links on pages related to your business model.

Use pay-per-click advertising: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search and Facebook Ads are some of the most used modalities. Take advantage of these possibilities along with an organic positioning strategy.

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