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There are 100 and 1 ways in which you can create traction online for your business. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to make a decision. Here are 10 tips to help you promote your business without having to stress about all the potential avenues.

Promoting your business can involve putting up posters, seeking some TV advertising space, online advertising space, physical billboard space, word of mouth and even some organic search optimisation, conducted by the you could find. The options to promote and market your business are endless. But the best way to do so is to combine a bunch of methods, from short term solutions like a giveaway, to a longer term plan like Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO.

If you are looking for the one of the best SEO companies in Melbourne, then you’re in the right place.  If your goal is securing your online future, then talking to a digital marketing agency to assist and ensure consistent promotion of your business online occurs.

So here are 10 tips to help promote your business.

Create A Website

A website is less like a digital calling card; it’s more like a digital billboard, a business card, a revenue stream, an information centre, and even a blog.

Websites are not as complicated to setup if you’re getting in touch with a web design company, but can also be executed in an easy enough fashion by yourself with options such as Squarespace, or Wix. However, these services do rely on a ‘do it all yourself’ kind of model. A web design company will be able to execute the development of your ideal website including all the plugins and features you may require.

In a nutshell, the most important aspect of having a website is so that the billions of people searching everyday on Google will be able to find your business if they search for you, or your related industry.

Typically for most businesses, having a website is an essential feature. For restaurants, it can double as a menu and a booking system, for a plumber it can be an advertisement and a contact form; for a retail store, it is a secondary revenue stream.

Create and Optimise Your Google Business Listing

A is the box that shows up next to a business search enquiry. These helpful boxes are essential for businesses if they want to promote a simple and convenient user experience for people on the go.

The Google Business listing is a great way to get people to see some of the most essential information that will help them make a purchase decision.

It shows people your location, contact details, your website, and even your reviews. It is also worth mentioning that this listing can assist in getting you a great google ranking.

Implement SEO

SEO or Search engine optimisation involves a bunch of different marketing techniques. Without getting too heavy into the jargon of SEO, it’s core purpose is to drive your visibility on search engines up. This means getting you to the top page of Google, Bing, or Safari when people search keywords.

One of the best moves you can make is to go to google and type in ‘SEO company near me’ to help you get in contact with some experts on the topic. Some things to look out for when you talk to any agency is to make sure that they can explain their process clearly and don’t confuse you. It’s best that you understand what SEO is about and how it will help your business so that you can work well together.

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Use social media to share and create content

Social media is an amazing tool that draws millions of daily users. Now that you have this perpetual audience, it is a great opportunity to get some attention and to provide a good social media profile. Doing so can establish you as an authority in your industry, and can also be fun. It is a fantastic way to build your brand awareness easily.

Create a blog

One of the best ways to improve your content on your website, social media and to , is to write articles, and produce content. Doing so is an important aspect of connecting in with your community. It also helps with creating content for socials, and it can also ignite your passions and interest in your business more. This can lead to you being an authority on the topics you write about.

Look to use PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

One of the most common Pay-per-click methods is Google ads. This PPC marketing method involves you using keywords to rocket you to the top of the Google ranking through paid advertising under essential keywords related to your business. This is a great way to get some early results as SEO can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to show more obvious results, Google Ads can begin getting you clicks and conversions within a month to two months.

Ask for reviews

Reviews to your Google business listing serve more than just an SEO purpose, they also help you engage with your consumer base. This is a great opportunity to get customer feedback about great, and yes, even bad experiences. Getting lots of Google reviews and having a good overall rating is a great way to get lots of people to engage with you online.

Play with your content

Any digital marketing agency will tell you that getting your brand out there online is a must, and good quality content is key to doing that. One of the most important things to remember about business is that it can be insanely stressful. However, setting up businesses and becoming your own boss can be one of the most rewarding challenges of your life. Have fun with it.

When creating content, play with form and try making videos, podcasts, blog posts, short social media videos, and just see what works for you. What fits best with your schedule, and your expertise.

Get the Attention of Local Media

With all of these platforms servicing you, it can be sometimes forgotten that a local newspaper or radio station is there to service its community too. Launching something newsworthy is a great way to get the attention of local media outlets. This is a great way to be legitimised and also to get the most out of your attempted content, as an online article is a great way to boost your online rankings.

Network as much as appropriate

Being an extroverted and friendly person can be a huge advantage when it comes to networking, however it’s not a required trait for success. One of the most important things you can do is just follow up and check in on any potential business relationships you can, or engage with any enthusiastic customers by providing quick offers for regulars.

Networking and creating powerful relationships means that you can get advocates out into your local communities. Think about it. If you’re a café that focuses on giving people a great experience, and high-quality coffee, the power of word-of-mouth will do all the leg work for you when it comes to getting new local customers.

Wrap Up

These 10 tips are all great to do independently but thrive when done in collaboration. Searching for a web design company, a digital marketing agency and an SEO company, are great first steps to take when needing to get some early expert advice for your online brand.

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