100 Important Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

In an increasingly digital-first world, the growth opportunities for brands to grow online are immense and the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals is on the rise, with almost all agencies, banks, startups and online brands looking for people who can help take their digital strategy to the next level.

Usually, in interviews, candidates are asked a set of digital marketing interview questions which help the hiring managers make an informed decision about which employee might be the right fit for the job. The digital marketing interview answers that you give in scenarios like this are an important factor in getting a job at your favourite company.

In this article today, to help you ace your interviews, we have covered a set of the 100 common digital marketing interview questions and answers that will help you prepare well in advance. Read on to find out more.

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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you are someone who has intermediate level experience or are a fresher trying to find their way in the world of digital marketing, the questions asked during digital marketing interviews can generally range from being related to your personality & ideas to focusing more on the technical aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, paid advertising & content marketing among others.

The following is a list of the common questions and answers to know for acing a digital marketing interview.

Q1. What is Marketing?

A1. This is a really popular digital marketing interview question that is often asked to applicants. In simple words, Marketing is defined as a way for companies to promote their product & services to the public in a bid to increase their sales.

Q.2 What are the different types of marketing?

A2. Another really common digital marketing interview question, the different types of marketing are –

Q3. What are the two types of digital marketing?

A3. The two types of digital marketing are inbound and outbound digital marketing. This is a really simple digital marketing question and can help you get prepared for tougher questions ahead.

Q4. What do you mean by digital marketing?

A4. Digital marketing means promoting the products and services of a company through digital media like the internet, mobile, etc.

Q5. What is the meaning of a responsive website?

A5. A really crucial question for aspiring digital marketers, a responsive website is one which adjusts its page size into any display of the screen whether big or small device such as mobile and laptops in a few seconds.

Q6. Why did you apply for this position in digital marketing?

A6. This is a very important digital marketing interview question which is why you need to have at least 70% knowledge about your chosen field. Through this, the hiring manager will try to judge your capabilities and experience.

Q7. What are the factors crucial for doing on-page SEO?

A7. Factors such as the presence of an SSL certificate, proper sitemap, canonical tag, robot.txt, and redirection techniques are crucial for doing on-page SEO. If you want to get through to the next round, we recommend preparing this digital marketing question really well.

Q8. What is a search engine?

A8. A web-based program that is specifically developed for searching any information that is completely based on the keywords typed by a user in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

Questions in digital marketing interviews can range from testing your basics to even more advanced topics, hence, its recommended that you prepare this one well.

Q9. What is inbound marketing?

A9. The technique of attracting the audience for selling a company’s products and services with the help of SEO, branding, social media, and content marketing is inbound marketing. Questions about inbound marketing at interviews are quite common these days & must be prepared well.

Q.10 What is outbound marketing?

A10. The marketing technique that uses advertising, sales, and public relations to promote a product that pushes the audience to buy that specific product using Radio ads, TV ads, etc is called outbound marketing. The difference between inbound & outbound is a really common digital marketing interview question.

Q.11 What is SEO?

A11. The process of optimizing web pages to ensure maximum visitors on a website by ensuring that it appears higher in search results on a search engine is called search engine optimization. Knowing about SEO in-depth allows you to excel at digital marketing interviews.

Q12. Name the top 5 search engines globally.

A12. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Ask.com are the top 5 search engines across the globe. This is a really basic digital marketing interview question & you should be aware about each of them in order to excel in the interviews.

Q.13 What do you understand by white-hat SEO?

A13. The practice of optimizing tactics, strategies, and techniques in compliance with all the rules and policies of search engines for ranking a website is white hat SEO. Knowing about it will help you excel in the advanced stages of your digital marketing job interview.

Q.14 What is black-hat SEO?

A14. The practice of optimizing tactics, strategies, and techniques by breaking all the rules and policies of search engines for ranking a website is black hat SEO. They are not approved and are also known as spamdexing. Panel experts usually ask this question related to digital marketing in order to test the decision-making skills of the candidate.

Q.15 What is a crawler or spider bot?

A15. This is an ideal question for starting off a digital marketing interview. A crawler is a program that is responsible for browsing the World Wide Web so that it can easily create an index of data and gather information inside a page.

Q16. What is a Google bot?

A16. Google bot is similar to a crawler and has been created by Google. It collects information from each web page and creates an index that can be easily found by people who search for information on Google. Not many people are aware of the answer to this digital marketing interview question & knowing about it can exponentially increase chances of getting hired.

Q17. What are Google algorithms?

A17. They are the algorithms used by Google to rank all the websites on the Google search result pages. They are updated accordingly as per the changing technologies and knowing about it is essential for succeeding in a digital marketing interview.

Q18. What are the different types of Google algorithms?

A18. Panda, penguin, pigeon, and hummingbird are some of the popular algorithms by Google. A rather uncommon digital marketing interview question, it really can help you impress your prospective employer.

Q19. What are some of the top digital marketing tools to know before appearing for a digital marketing interview?

A19. Some tools you need to know in order to crack a digital marketing interview are – Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Rankwatch, SEMRush etc.

Q20. What is a keyword?

A20. A keyword is a term that is used to search any queries or questions by a user. We use it to match with the query when a user types a word into the search engine to find information. This is a basic digital marketing interview question, the answer to which, you must know.

Q21. What is the Panda algorithm?

A21. This is the very first algorithm created by Google. It checks the quality of the content on a website and gives the page a quality score which improves or down-ranks its ranking on Google. Not many people are aware about the answer to this digital marketing question.

Q22. What is the Penguin algorithm?

A22. It checks all the quality links on a website. It is responsible for checking the links that are coming from poor quality or spam websites.

Q23. What is the Hummingbird algorithm?

A23. An algorithm usually associated with speed, It provides fast and accurate results for the queries in a search engine. It is a good idea to be aware of this digital marketing interview question.

Q24. What is the Pigeon algorithm?

A24. A really crucial answer to a digital marketing interview question, this is the newest algorithm. It provides you a lot of useful, good, and relevant search results that are closely related to the queries.

Q.25 Name some of the best places to use keywords.

A.25 You can use keywords in comment tags, headings, meta description, name of the company, title name, or image name. Knowing how to place keywords in a content piece increases your chance to crack a digital marketing interview.

Q.26 What is on-page SEO?

A.26 It is a method of optimizing the pages of a website to rank higher in the search results and get relevant traffic. Knowing on-page SEO is a crucial skill for cracking digital marketing interviews.

Q27. What is a meta tag or keyword?

A27. They are used in HTML for providing information in brief about a webpage. It usually consists of target keywords and helps the content piece score better in terms of quality. One must prepare this digital marketing interview question well to increase chances of getting hired.

Q28. What is the limit of a meta tag?

A28. A crucial thing to know for cracking a digital marketing interview, the limit of a meta tag is 255 characters.

Q29. What is a meta description?

A29. A short description of a web page/ article that a user can see in the search engine is defined as its meta description. This is one of those digital marketing interview questions that must be prepared well before appearing for the interview.

Q30. What is the limit of meta description?

A30. The character limit for a meta description is 230-320 characters.

Q31. What is a canonical tag?

A31. It is a method of indicating a search engine which tells that a particular URL represents the master copy of a certain page. If you wish to crack the interview, you must be aware of the answer of this digital marketing interview question.

Q32. What is SSL?

A32. Knowing the answer to this digital marketing interview question is crucial if you want to secure your website against security threats. Expanded as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), it is used to improve the security ranking of a website and can be considered a standard method for identifying a website for web security.

Q33. What are backlinks?

A33. Also known as incoming links, backlinks are the links that link a website to another website’s page. Knowing about backlinks and how to generate them is crucial to crack your digital marketing interview in the first attempt.

Q34. Why is SSL needed?

A34. SSL is needed to avoid security threats and data security as it helps encrypt sensitive information sent across the Internet so that the recipient is the only individual/user who can see or receive it.

Q35. What is anchor text?

A35. It is a clickable text that consists of a hyperlink which displays the link to another page.

Q36. What is a do-follow link?

A36. It is a hyperlink that instructs any search engine to allow that hyperlink to influence the ranking of that link in the search engine’s index.

Q37. What is a no-follow link?

A37. In digital marketing, it is a hyperlink that instructs any search engine to not allow that hyperlink for influencing the ranking of that link in the search engine’s index. Knowing about this digital marketing question can be really helpful for you in the advanced stages of the interview.

Q38. What is page authority?

A38. A really interesting digital marketing interview question, page authority indicates what position a particular website ranks on, in a search engine result page (SERP). The lesser the number, the better is the website’s page authority.

Q39. What is domain authority?

A39. Domain authority determines the power of a domain name. In other words, it is a search engine ranking score method to tell how a website will be ranked in SERP.

Q40. What points does a domain authority consist of?

A40. It consists of domain age, popularity, overall SEO points, and a total number of links in the website. Knowing about domain authority and factors behind it can help you easily crack a digital marketing interview.

Q.41 What is Moz Rank?

A41. The Moz Rank basically quantifies the popularity of a link on a scale of 0 to 10. It is a method of calculating the domain level rank that shows the popularity of a web page or site. If you want to solidify your chances of cracking the digital marketing interview, this is an intermediate level question you must know about.

Q42. What is the formula of CTR?

A.42 CTR = (Total clicks / Total impressions) X 100. One of the most crucial digital marketing interview questions, click-through rate is the ratio of users clicking a specific link to the number of users viewing a page, email or advertisement.

Q43. Mention the techniques of inbound digital marketing?

A.43 Some techniques which might be asked during your digital marketing interview related to inbound marketing are –

Q.44 What is Fetch as Google?

A44. It is a tool by Google that allows you to simulate how a published web page looks like, to Google. Recruiters usually ask digital marketing interview questions around it to candidates who have previously worked in SEO/SEM.

Q.45 What is the Google Search Console?

A45. Google Search Console is a free tool to help developers, SEO experts and webmasters understand how their website has been performing in Google search. Working knowledge of Google’s Search Console is crucial for SEO experts.

Q.46 How is ‘Fetch as Google’ useful?

A46. If you are someone with working knowledge of Fetch as Google, it can be a huge contributor to you successfully cracking a digital marketing interview. Fetch as Google helps troubleshoot web pages to boost performance, detects malware attacks and when updating your website, you can submit the pages for indexing as well by using it.

Q47. What do you understand by bounce rate in digital marketing?

A47. A relatively intermediate level digital marketing interview question, ‘bounce rate’ is the number of visitors who leave the website only by visiting just one page.

Q.48 What are crawl stats?

A48. It is a report that contains data about the activity of the Googlebot on a website for the previous 90 days and considers everything that’s downloaded by Google including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and even Flash.

Knowing about how to generate crawl stats can help you increase your chances of getting a digital marketing job.

Q49. What are some platforms for paid advertising?

A49. Some good platforms for paid advertising include – Facebook, Google, Instagram. This is a basic digital marketing question and if you are applying for a paid marketing job, you must know the various platforms that allow you to do so.

Q50. What are the types of SEO?

A.50 On-page and off-page are the 2 main types of SEO.

Q51. What are the tasks of an SEO executive?

A.51 The tasks of an SEO executive include article submission, blog formatting, forum discussion, business listing and social bookmarking among others. This digital marketing interview question is usually asked when hiring for SEO roles at companies.

Q52. What is redirection?

A.52 It is a technique to make a web page accessible under more than just one URL address that will move to a new different URL from the one requested.

Q53. What are the main types of redirection?

A.53 A relatively simple question about digital marketing, redirection has only two types, which are – permanent and temporary redirects.

Q.54 What is a temporary redirect?

A.54 When you click on a URL but it has been moved temporarily to another page with a different URL upon opening.

Q.55 What is a permanent redirect?

A.55 When you click on a URL but it has been moved permanently to a page with a different URL upon opening.

Q.56 Why is PPC important in digital marketing?

A.56 This is a crucial question around paid marketing when appearing for a specialized paid marketing job interview. Using PPC, a brand can always reach the right kind of customer. The results are more rapid and it is an effective way of advertising your products when you are trying to build a brand online.

Q.57 Which tools are used for keyword research?

A57. You can use tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Spyfu and Ubersuggest among others, for keyword research.

Q58. What is Hootsuite?

A58. Hootsuite is a social media management and scheduling tool that helps you manage your client/brand’s social media account. It offers features such as integration of major social media platforms, analytics, post scheduling, ad optimization and content library among others.

Q59. What is Google Highlighter?

A59. Google Data Highlighter is a tool that teaches Google about the pattern of structured data on a website that will represent the data more effectively.

Q60. What is Google AdWords?

A60. Google AdWords is probably the biggest & one of the most popular PPC platforms on the web. It is a platform that enables brands & businesses to create ads that appear in Google search results and other platforms by Google.

Knowledge of Google AdWords is invaluable and can easily help you crack a PPC advertising job interview.

Q61. Mention some keyword strategy parameters.

A61. Search volume should be kept high, the competitor should be low or medium, use long term keywords and find synonyms of the keywords. Ascertaining keyword strategy is a key part of a digital marketing job role & you must know about it in order to crack your digital marketing job interview.

Q.62 What are the factors affecting on-page SEO?

A62. Factors affecting on-page SEO are – content, footer, images, heading, URL, and internal and external links.

Q.63 What is a sitemap?

A.63 They are the model of representation of a website’s content specifically designed for users and search engines to help them crawl and index the site.

Q.64 What are the types of sitemaps?

A.64 XML sitemap and HTML sitemap are the two types of sitemaps used in digital marketing. If you want to crack your digital marketing job interview, knowledge of XML & HTML-based sitemaps is quite crucial.

Q.65 What is AMP?

A65. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new web framework that helps in loading web pages faster on mobile devices, so as to provide a better browsing experience to the user while reading and engaging with the page’s content. This is a relatively new question in digital marketing interviews and it is always good to know about newer technologies before applying for a digital marketing job.

Q.66 Explain the importance of social media.

A66. One of the most common questions for social media marketing interviews, the usual response to this can be that as a tool, social media helps brands create brand awareness, sell products, engage customers & generate more leads.

Q.67 Explain RSS.

A67. It is a web feed that enables users and applications to get access to updates from websites in a readable, computer-generated format.

Q.68 Why is RSS feed important?

A68. Using RSS for your website helps you get more audience for your website by writing content on other websites apart from allowing you to do email subscriptions and live bookmarking.

Q.69 What is the full form of RSS?

A69. RSS stands for rich site summary. This is a really simple digital marketing job interview question and you must be aware of the full form and use of an RSS feed.

Q.70 Explain the reason to use a hashtag in social media posts.

A.70 One of the most common questions asked during social media marketing interviews, a hashtag is used to convert any normal word into a keyword used on social media.

Q71. What are heat maps used for, in digital marketing?

A71. Heat maps in digital marketing are visual representation of analytical data and are used to analyse user behaviour and website structure, usually for on-page SEO optimization of the website.

Q72. How to boost Facebook reach?

A.72 An exciting question in digital marketing interviews which can make or break your chance to get the digital marketing job, here is how you can boost your Facebook page’s reach –

Q73. What are some website speed analysis tools for digital marketers?

A73. Some popular website speed testing tools are – KeyCDN Website Speed Test, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix. Working knowledge of these tools is crucial if you want to get a job in digital marketing.

Q74. What are the types of backlinks?

A74. Two main types of backlinks are – do-follow and no-follow.

Q75. What are the top social media platforms in 2021?

A.75 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the top social media platforms in 2021.

Q76. Which areas in a website need keyword optimization?

A76. Headings, meta tags, descriptions, website URL, and title usually require keyword optimization. If you want to get a digital marketing job that pays you well, it is advisable to learn keyword optimization.

Q.77 How to drive more traffic to blogs?

A77. As a digital marketing professional, you can try to Improve SEO, run an email newsletter, do press releases, write good content, use Google Analytics and Search Console and optimize it with the right kind of keywords, in order to drive more traffic to your blogs or articles.

Q.78 Name some famous digital marketing blogs to prepare for digital marketing job interviews?

A.78 The Moz Blog, Content Marketing Institute, Convince & Convert, Econsultancy, and Kissmetrics are some good blogs on digital marketing that will help you prepare for a digital marketing job interview.

Q79. What are some good marketing automation tools that a digital marketer should know about?

A79. Considering that the digital marketing industry is growing very rapidly, this is a crucial question in digital marketing job interviews. A few tools you should know about are –

Q.80 What are the advantages of digital marketing?

A80. Another really easy question for digital marketing interviews, digital marketing offers the following advantages –

Q81. Why is content important in digital marketing?

A81. Creating high-quality content in digital marketing is crucial because –

Q82. What is keyword streaming?

A82. Keyword streaming is an underrated skill that you can focus on, in order to get a digital marketing job. It is defined as the process of analysing the relevant keywords and choosing the best ones for your website based on the target audience which helps in generating organic leads & traffic.

Q83. What are some indicators of a “bad link”?

A83. Some indicators of a bad link are –

Q84. Does guest blogging help businesses?

A84. Yes, guest blogging is an excellent method to organically bring new leads and traffic for your website by boosting the page authority, giving good feedback, shortening the sales cycle and generating qualified leads.

Q85. What is e-commerce marketing?

A85. Ecommerce marketing is a form of digital marketing which generates sales by building the strategy and raising awareness about a brand’s online store through the means of highlighting its products and services. Ecommerce marketing leverages content, social media, email marketing and SEO.

Q86. Which channel is the best and most effective one currently for businesses?

A.86 Social media platforms are the best channels right now to generate leads or make sales at lower costs.

Q87. How can you make a piece of social media content successful?

A.87 A crucial aspect of the digital marketer’s job role, you can use infographics, user-generated content, identifying new topics and making content around trending topics alongside memes to generate good buzz on social media for a brand.

Q.88 What does SMO stand for?

A88. A really simple digital marketing interview question, the full form of SMO is social media optimization.

Q89. What does SMO involve?

A89. SMO involves using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest for promoting a brand image, selling more products, creating brand awareness and increasing profits/generating leads. Questions around SMO are quite common during digital marketing job interviews.

Q90. How to measure social media success?

A.90 You can measure social media success by knowing about the increase in the number of followers, number of people engaging in comments with your post, increase in the number of subscriptions and leads.

Q91. What are some good content management systems that digital marketing professionals should know about?

A91. Some good content management systems to use for digital marketers are – WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal.

Q92. What are long-tail keywords?

A92. Long-tail keywords are phrases containing 4+ words which make search engine results highly specific. They usually get lower search traffic but are easier to rank in comparison to single-word keywords. As a SEO expert, questions around SEO are integral to digital marketing interviews.

Q93. How to measure return on investment for a digital marketing campaign?

A93. You can measure ROI by increase in reach, revenue, traffic, customer acquisition, and total number of clicks.

Q.94 Give the syntax of the robot.txt file.

A94. The syntax for the robot.txt file is as follows –

User agent:*(* for all crawler)
Allow:/(File name)
Disallow/(File name)

Q95. How to promote blogs and increase traffic?

A.95 Always pin your posts on Pinterest, share on social media, use Instagram for headlines, and schedule and upload posts in order to generate organic traffic for your website.

Q.96 What is the formula of ROI?

A96. The formula for measuring return on investment is –

ROI = (Revenue – Cost) / Cost.

Q.97 Write the formula for CTR.

A97. Formula to measure CTR = (Total clicks / Total impressions) X 100.

Q.98 What is Google Analytics?

A.98 It is a free website analysis tool that allows every digital marketer to track and then generate reports for each movement that a visitor makes on a website.

Q.99 What is the full form of KPI?

A.99 The full form of KPIs is – Key performance indicators

Q100. What are the factors affecting KPIs?

A.100 The factors affecting KPIs are –

Final Thoughts

These were 100 most important questions for digital marketing interviews along with their probable answers which one must know if they want to successfully crack a digital marketing job interview. Most of these questions are likely to be asked in the interviews and hence must be prepared well.

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