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Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for an ecommerce business. It’s also one of the most time consuming.

Email marketing templates save time by formatting the contents of each email. Instead of resizing fonts, arranging photos, and writing content, an email marketing template stores this information for you. Small customizations mean you’re ready to hit send in just a few minutes.

Here are nine customizable email templates from Shopify Email you can quickly tweak and get out, so you can spend more time growing your list and generating sales.

1. Welcome email template

Welcome emails introduce new subscribers to your ecommerce brand. They’re a powerful tool used to bring new subscribers up to speed with your brand—be that an introduction to the founders, a carousel of bestselling products, or the story behind how your online store came to life.

Customize this welcome email template by:

2. Product launch template

Launched a new item? Tell subscribers about it using a product announcement email template. Write an intriguing subject line and preview text, use large product images, and add a CTA button to shop the new product.

Make the most out of the product launch template by:

3. Abandoned cart email template

Almost seven in 10 people who add products to their online shopping cart exit without purchasing. Use an abandoned cart email template to showcase the exact product(s) they left, with a direct link to a personalized cart to resume shopping.

Shopify’s abandoned cart email template automatically prefills the items a shopper abandoned before exiting your online store. It’s a responsive email, designed to capture the 187.5 million shoppers who purchase through mobile devices.

Combine the template with the abandoned checkout automation to automatically send cart reminder email campaigns after four hours.

4. Marketing email template

Shopify Email has templates for annual events like spring, fall, Singles’ Day, and Father’s Day. Schedule your digital marketing emails around these events, and angle the messaging around it to capitalize on people who treat the occasion as an excuse to spend money.

Smart ways to use these templates in your email marketing campaigns include:

5. Flash sale email template

A flash sale is a time-sensitive deal that expires after a certain period of time. Marketers use them to instill a sense of urgency in their email subscribers. “While stocks last”-style messaging can influence people to buy sooner rather than later.

Use these tips to customize your flash sale email template and generate sales:

6. Discount email template

Some 96% of online shoppers actively search for discount codes throughout the purchase process. Reinforce this with a discount email template that shares the unique code alongside social proof that convinces them to take action.

discount/sale email template

7. Upcoming event template

Experiential retail happens when customers have in-person experiences with a brand. If you’re one of the 40% of brands that plan to make experiential retail a priority this year, use this upcoming event email template to share important details with email subscribers.

Important things to include in your event announcement email include:

8. Product restock email template

If you’ve restocked a popular product, inform email subscribers with this template. It’s a smart way to reengage subscribers, especially if some time has passed since they last interacted with your email campaigns. This type of social proof can often be the nudge that convinces them to buy.

Drive sales using the product restock template by:

9. Payment installment email template

Not everyone has enough disposable income to pay for your products in full. Ease money pressures with buy now, pay later options through Shop Pay—a type of monthly installment payment plan that 360 million people have used within the past year.

Promote your buy now, pay later offer with an email template that shares:

Get the best email marketing templates with Shopify Email

You don’t need advanced coding skills to create your own email marketing templates. From promotional emails to abandoned cart reminders, get access to all of these email templates (and more) with the Shopify Email app.

Create email forms, build your list, and schedule email campaigns using these templates. You’ll quickly turn email marketing into a profitable marketing tool for your online store.

Email marketing template FAQ

What is the best size for an email template?

  • Template width: 600 pixels
  • Template height: 1500 pixels
  • Logo size: Less than 500 pixels square
  • Header: 700 pixels tall and 150 pixels wide
  • Email file size: Less than 20 MB

How do I make a good email template?

  • Add large, finger-friendly buttons for mobile recipients
  • Use placeholder text and images to drag and drop your own content
  • Add your business’ name, address, and social media links to the email footer
  • Use responsive email templates that automatically resize for each device

Does Shopify have free email templates?

Yes, Shopify offers several email templates through the Shopify Email app. Online stores with an active Shopify plan can access a library of pre-built templates. Use the drag-and-drop editor to customize each template and email your subscribers.

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