13 Affordable, Underrated Digital Marketing Tools

13 Affordable, Underrated Digital Marketing Tools

There are a lot of digital marketing tools out there in the market right now, going into the thousands and finding those that are affordable and easy to use yet very helpful can be quite the hustle. That is where this article will come in handy as it will look to highlight 13 of such tools and get into a bit of detail about them.

The first tool we will look at is called Bannersnack. This is a cloud-based professional banner maker that will allow anyone to create fully responsive banners that should fit any screen size and be compatible on any device. It will allow you to design ads in every format or shape imaginable and will allow you to create HTML5 animations, add videos and so much more. For $12 monthly to $84 annually it is pretty affordable.

The next tool to look at is called DrumUp. This is a content marketing tool which can also be used as a social media post scheduling app that can be used for Facebook, Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn. It is so helpful in saving time on content discovery and sharing and with it use on social media it helps maximize content reach as well. It is fairly priced at $19 monthly and $180 annually.

Wordable is the next tool we will look at and this is basically a plugin that will allow one to import posts and pages from Google Docs to WordPress with the use of just a few simple clicks. This tool is very useful in boosting productivity by cutting tasks that are redundant and helps manage time better. It allows those in content marketing to upload content onto WordPress in an efficient time-conserving manner and for $19 per month and $195 per year it is well worth it.

The other tool worth mentioning is called Mailshake. This tool allows one to send in bulk personalized cold emails directly from one’s own personal email. All that is required is that you upload a spreadsheet with the name, contact information and other details belonging to your recipients. This tool helps cover a very important aspect of marketing, email marketing and it does this through cold email outreach. For $17 per month for those who pay annually and $19 monthly for those who don’t, it is quite affordable.

The next tool to highlight is known as WooRank. This tool is basically a website analysis and SEO audit tool that will extract useful information and provide you with tips on how one can improve their website by tracking and measuring its SEO. They make use of data straight from Google such as keywords, rankings among others to achieve this. This is very helpful in optimizing your website and ensuring you beat the competition. Their rates are $59.99 monthly and $470 annually.

Userlike is the next tool we will highlight. This is a live chat software for website and mobile support and it is very useful due to its live chat feature in guiding visitors through your website and just generally interacting with your customers. This means any issues are resolved in real time with your users boosting conversion rates as a consequence. They have a free plan available with their paying plan starting from$32 per month for those who pay on a monthly basis to $29 per month to those that pay annually.

Another tool worth mentioning is called Mention. This is a media tool whose purpose is to help brands track the most important conversations about their brand, competitors and industry online. It is a real help for brands in enhancing their customer care. It provides media monitoring online that will help brands deal with their customers better. As for pricing, it goes for $29 monthly.

Another interesting tool worth pointing out is called Cumul.io. This enables users to create and share any type of KPI dashboard within minutes. This enables one to gain a better understanding on how one’s marketing actions are influencing the whole customer journey. They are great for internal reporting as they can be shared with colleagues as well. This tool goes for $35 per month.

cognitiveSEO is yet another very useful tool worth mentioning. If you are looking for comprehensive analysis, then this tool will do just that by offering core digital marketing metrics. The fact that it offers multiple users, multiple sites and a white label option for only $99 monthly or $89.10 monthly if you pay annually makes it a lot better than any competition out there.

Rocketium is the next tool we will look at. This is a web-based platform that allows one to edit videos quickly regardless of your knowledge and skills on videos and their editing. It makes the whole video editing process very easy and time conserving removing the pain from content creation. As for price, the rates for this tool are $12 monthly and $84 annually although they do have a free plan available.

Another tool worth mentioning is Asana. This is basically a project management tool that will come in handy in coordinating all the work done by your team. This allows everyone in your team to know what tasks remain pending and who is responsible for what. It is a great tool to have if you work as a team and it is available on app store to download.

Crazy Egg is yet another tool worth mentioning. This is basically a heat map tool that will allow to find out where people click. This will enable you to optimize your landing pages and blogs and their design increasing traffic as a consequence.

The last tool we would like to mention is called Webtrends. This tool is very handy as it enables one to be able to measure and optimize digital campaigns. It also enables you to be able to carry out analytic intelligence, customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation and much more. It is a must have tools with all this services it provides.

The above are 13 of the most useful and underrated yet affordable tools out there that you should definitely try out. As always there is more to be found on this and other topics on runrex.com.

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