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Learning Google Business Profile can be very useful for business owners and Search Engine Optimization professionals to optimize their business profiles and rank in the Google Pack 3 on a SERP page.

If you are getting started with Local SEO then you consider Google Business Profile optimization first. Local Businesses need Local SEO more than business, as it brings in fresh leads and sales. 

But the problem arises when you are unsure which course or platform to choose. Here are 20 sources to get the best Google My Business training from:

Udemy is one of the best platforms to learn SEO and Google My Business Optimization on the internet.  This not only provides courses by various instructors but also student interaction with the teacher is taken care of. Here you can learn all the necessary tips and tricks to optimize your Google My Business Listings with the right strategies.

Skillshare is a great platform similar to Udemy but here you can watch all the videos with just a monthly premium. Here you will find multiple instructors for the same course. By leveraging the unlimited views provided by Skillshare you can cherry-pick the necessary skills you want and apply them to your Google My Business Profile. 

BrightLocal is a website cum encyclopedia that is dedicated to Local SEO and Google My Business. Here you will find answers to all your Local SEO queries at one place that is led by experts in the industry. Make sure to read all their blog posts regarding Local SEO and use the free tool they offer.

LinkedIn is a place where professionals from all over the world interact with each other. LinkedIn Learning has facilitated students to learn from the experts in an industry such as Google My Business (Local SEO) in a structured manner. In this specific course, you will get to know all the basics of GMB and how to optimize it.

Google Digital Workshop Series is a platform that allows everyone to learn the basics of all free tools/features provided by Google. It is free, short, and crisp. In this specific course, you will learn how to claim your business listing, get it verified, manage multiple listings in bulk, engage customers with GMB, and use menu features on Google My Business.

Future Learn is an online learning platform where you can learn skills and master them. In this particular Google My Business course, you will learn how to optimize your Google My Business Listing, discover the biggest GMB ranking factors, and boost the visibility of your listing.

Semrush blog is one of the best industry expert blogs out there. One can highly trust the information provided here. This is an in-depth guide to learning Google My Business. With this guide, you will learn all the basics of GMB, How to set up and Optimize it, and all the possible questions related to it.

CallRail is a call tracking tool but has an in-depth article about Google My Business. Here you will learn the basics, how to create, verify and optimize a listing, add photos, reply to reviews, leverage posts, monitor the listing based on performance, and boost your marketing using GMB.

Hubspot is a gold mine for Digital Marketers. Here you can read blog posts, listen to podcasts, subscribe to newsletters, and consume courses for free. This article has a visual explanation of various steps involved in creating and optimizing a Google My Business Listing. Anyone who is just starting must go through this blog post.

Ardent Growth is a Digital Marketing blog that produces some of the best online marketing sources on the internet. This article goes through the step-by-step process of creating to optimizing Google My Business. This guide can be long but really helpful for beginners and advanced SEO professionals.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing company that has a free academy that offers free and paid various courses. In this post, you will get to learn all the basics and a step-by-step procedure for setting up your Google My Business account. This surely does not contain an advance guide to GMB and that’s why it is on 11 on this site.

Embed Social is a software platform that provides various templates to use. It also has a blog where they share valuable information. This guide to Google My Business provides a 6 step strategy to optimize Google My Business and not just create a listing. 

Search Engine Journal acts as an encyclopedia for SEO professionals. Here you can learn everything about SEO and Google My Business optimization. The problem arises when you have a bunch of articles talking about the same thing. But I have come up with the best post on GMB that is suitable for both beginners and advanced SEO professionals.

Moz’s blog is known for its quality and in-depth guides. Here you can find all possible information regarding SEO and Google My Business. The article I am talking about covers Googe Business Profile Dashboard, Insights, troubleshooting, marketing, optimization, and the positives and negatives about Google My Business Local Pack 3.

Link-Assistant powers a tool for SEO needs naming SEO Powersuite. SEO Powersuite has a blog dedicated to Search Engine Optimization that covers every topic about SEO. Here you can find practical examples for various steps to optimize your Google My Business listing. 

This is a unique article about Google My Business I have found. In this article, there is a step-by-step procedure in the form of simple points that any beginner would find useful. I would recommend beginners to go through this article and implement it after each step.

Neil Patel is one of the best SEO experts out there in the market. Here you will find some golden nuggets. Neil Patel uniquely provides a guide to Google My Business using graphs, charts, images, and a video. To extract all the information from this post you will have to read it completely with implement practically.

Odd is a Digital Marketing Company based in the United States. They have a blog that contains information about SEO and various aspects of Digital Marketing. This post is a hidden gem that digs deep into Google My Business features such as products, services, categories, attributes, messages, and much more.

‘NapoleanCat’ is a company that provides solutions to small businesses, Ecommerce Websites, and Agencies. They share a blog about SEO and Social Media Marketing. This particular post about GMB covers how to set up a profile and optimize it practically with a youtube video embedded.

Wordstream is a resource dedicated to Digital Marketing. Here you will find tools, free resources, and blog posts. In this specific blog, WordStream covers 13 best practices to optimize Google My Business listings that shall be helpful for advanced SEOs to improve engagement and boost local rankings.

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