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Facebook is a wide-reaching and one of the most recognized social media platforms, which makes it an outstanding initiating gateway for new, small and local businesses. The platform boasts 2.8 billion monthly in the fourth quarter of 2020. Making it the largest and most used social media network. The platform holds extreme importance in all professions be it communication, journalism, hospitality, marketing, tourism and helps people in making close social ties. Here are some newly unfolded Facebook Features.

Ad Preference Settings

Facebook allows users to update and adjust Ad settings. Facebook ads are usually based on users’ most-watched websites and apps which they use. Ad Preference Settings allow users to either filter what pops up as ads, ads topic, or stop such ads.

Creator Studio Mobile Application

Facebook offers a new tool to manage posts, stories, and insights from all Facebook Page in one place. It is an amalgamated destination for managing and monetizing your all Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

Express Yourself with Customised Stickers

Facebook launches personalized humanoid stickers for comments, posts, stories, etc. The platform provided Facebook’s type of Bitmoji where users can re-envision themselves in the cartoon form. It is more like creating your own Avatar moments.

Forwarding Limit Set on Messenger

Facebook limits the number of forwards per message. Now, a message will only be shared with five people or groups on messenger at a time. This step is effective for curbing the spread of harmful content and misinformation.

Screen Sharing on Messenger

Facebook introduces Screen Sharing in messenger mobile and web apps. This feature will let users share a live view of their screen.  Be it sharing memories from the camera roll, purchasing together online, or co-browsing social media together.

Mobile-Friendly Native Shops

Facebook becomes a new e-commerce platform. Now, small businesses can simply create online shops and sell their merchandise across the globe. This is going to stimulate people to purchase and make online buying and selling simpler.

Facebook and Instagram Messenger Merge

Facebook and Instagram Messenger unite into one system. This unification allows shared messaging on both platforms. Messenger Features gets updated with Instagram Direct Messaging. To sanction this feature, users have to opt for the Cross-messaging setting.

Facebook has soaked up some really exciting features during the past months. These changes have made the platform more quirky, expanding, and a bit safer with its new features. Being one of the largest dominating social media networks, the platform has incorporated the best features for its users and users who wish to use it as a commercial platform.

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Punya is a student at Delhi University, stoked with inquisitiveness to absorb and probe into every aspect of the social world. As a digital marketing intern at Social Buzz, Punya takes joy in learning the nuts and bolts of Digital Marketing. She loves to write and learn about marketing campaigns. When not writing, she is found strolling in the gardens near water or just gazing at the night sky.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide/

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