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2PRO, a group of 4th year marketing management students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), successfully held their first webinar on digital marketing entitled Ready, Set, Launch! A Journey into the Digital Marketing Space last June 18. The 2PRO webinar program was held in Zoom and was streamed live on 2PRO’s Facebook page. The event was targeted at PUP marketing students, but the online live program reached audiences from different universities and businesses, garnering an audience reach of over 5,800 and 7,600 engagements.

The webinar was formally opened by one of the event’s project heads, Kathryn Joy Ramos, followed by a brief special remarks delivered by 2PRO’s professor, Prof. Estelita Medina. The event started with a quick icebreaker game curated and moderated by the event’s very own hosts, Cath and Jun. The game featured different iconic sounds from various brands which the audience had to guess. The winners of the icebreaker game were announced by the end of the event.

The event featured two speakers who delivered talks filled with knowledge and inspiration. The first speaker, Allan Galvez, focused his talk on the fundamentals of digital marketing, its differences in comparison to traditional marketing, how digital marketing is currently used in present day, as well as the future of digital marketing may bring to businesses. The respected speaker even prepared his own mini icebreaker game related to his talk to make the discussion more interactive. Before parting with the audience, Galvez left an inspirational message for the incoming marketing graduates of 2022.

The second speaker, Joel Manalo, also gave a brief refresher on the fundamentals of digital marketing before heading on to the main point of his talk which was Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. In detail, Manalo discussed technical terms such as pay-per-click in his talk, as well as provided advantages and tips on how to successfully execute SEO and SEM for a business. Manalo answered questions from the inquisitive audience for a bit before leaving an inspirational message for everyone about success and gratitude.

The event also featured talented guests who gave outstanding performances that were well-received by the live audience. The first guest performer, MANTRA PH, sang an original composition of the band. 2PRO’s very own, MIGGY, gave a soulful dance performance. Lastly, Alliah Jean Lagulao belted her heart out with a powerful song performance.

The webinar was formally closed by one of the event’s project heads, Jan Marvick Mayores, who thanked the corporate partners, partner organizations, audience, and 2PRO team members for the successful execution of the event. E-certificates for the event are set to be distributed to those who filled out the event evaluation form, within 1 to 2 weeks after the event.

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