3 Ways to Incorporate AI in Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Ensuite Media

As automation enters an increasing number of fields and software strengthens its ability to mimic and predict human behaviour, it’s time to get real about AI. There is no denying it, the experts are clear on the matter: AI is essential to business progression. 

As a digital marketer, if AI isn’t part of your strategy, you are missing out. So saddle up and get ready because we are about to teach you 3 creative ways to incorporate AI in your digital marketing strategy today!

1. Chatbots

Chances are you’ve already interacted with a chatbot without realizing it. That’s how good they’ve gotten in the last few years. And if you pay attention, you will see more of them popping up on websites every day, offering to guide you through pages or answer your questions. This trend will only grow as they become better at interpreting information and imitating human speech patterns. For a customer, interactions with chatbots are easier, faster and more convenient than phone conversations. For a startup, implementing chatbots on a website or a social media page is less expensive than hiring a full-time phone representative. On top of that, a chatbot has the advantage of being available 24/7, unlike humans. So what are you waiting for? You can start using tools like Wit.ai, Flow XO and BotKit to create your own chatbots who will be ready to interact with your customers in no time.

2. Email marketing

I know what you’re thinking: “Email? Get real, this isn’t 1999”. You might be surprised to find out that, according to Forbes, young people are actually obsessed with emails. In fact, Millenials check their email just as often as older generations, with the one very important difference being in the number of messages they receive on a daily basis. A typical young person’s inbox isn’t flooded with unnecessary emails or ads, leaving this space vacant for potential marketers. So how can AI improve your email marketing strategy? It’s all about timing. You can customize and automate the hour at which your email is sent out in a way that optimizes opens and clicks based on each receiver’s past behaviours and preferred practices. That way, the message becomes more personalized and also has more chances of reaching your audience at the time when they are most open to new information. 

3. Content creation

This one may come as more of a shock for some people, but AI is actually already capable of writing certain types of texts in a way that is pretty much indistinguishable from the way a human would write them. It’s not only small businesses using this tool but reputable newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post are already using AI to generate written content! Additionally, the form and substance of these texts are rapidly diversifying. What does this mean for you? Well, depending on the type of content you create, there is a high chance that you can delegate some writing tasks to AI and save some time and money in the process. Websites like Ai-writer.com let you choose your topic and keywords before creating a unique text for your blog or website. With enough resources, you can even create your own AI-writing tool that will produce written content at the drop of a hat.

As you can see, there are many ways you can include AI in your marketing strategy. And rest assured, the human aspect of marketing will always be present. According to expert predictions, machines and humans will keep working alongside one another to achieve marketing goals. Humans are still driving the marketing train, AI is simply helping us in our regular manual marketing tasks by automating them and giving us more time to focus on more important things. And if you can take advantage of technological tools and spare yourself some tasks while saving money, why not? 

At Ensuite Media, we’ve already gone ahead of the competition and created a complete marketing management system based on AI. The Empower system, which is already used by our employees and partners, will soon be available for all businesses who want to simplify their marketing efforts with the help of AI. Want to be among Empower’s early adopters? Sign up to be notified as soon as it’s out: 

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