4 ways blogging supports your digital marketing

The most successful digital marketing is a multifaceted strategy. A strategic marketing plan encompasses and integrates on and off-line tactics across a variety of platforms and mediums. However, don’t be daunted by the magnitude of your marketing strategy. Firstly, a dedicated marketing agency can help you plan and navigate a strategy for your business. Secondly, there is an easy and even fun way you can support your digital marketing – through blogging.

1. Integrate your blog into your website

A blog will most effectively support your digital marketing plan when it is integrated into your website, rather than hosted on a third-party blog site. Integration is easy enough to achieve with the help of your marketing agency. Your blog page will appear in your website’s menu, labelled simply as ‘Blog’ or perhaps ‘News’ or ‘Advice’ depending on your target audience and industry. Your integrated blog will also be branded in your company’s colours and fonts, adding weight and professionalism to your message.

2. Boost your SEO ranking

Search engines are getting savvier by the day when it comes to rankings. Just as one SEO strategy gains momentum, algorithms change, and we are reminded again that there is no shortcut to the top spot. Instead, SEO remains most powerful when backed by genuine, useful content. More and more search engines are looking at how people use and engage with your content in order to determine its usefulness, and, in turn, its ranking. Therefore, a blog on your website of regular posts with engaging content where you are writing as an expert in your field lends valuable support to your digital marketing strategy.

3. Blogs are sharable

A key indicator of the success of digital marketing is reach. Blogs make your business and your message very sharable, allowing for comments and interactions to create a wide reach. Include a timely infographic on your blog and it could be shared across LinkedIn dozens of times. Post about a unique product image and it could be liked hundreds of times on Instagram. All of this interaction also makes for great analytics. With information about how long people spend on your site, how long they take to read a blog post and which posts are most popular, you can adjust your digital marketing according to the exact way your audience interacts with your brand.

4. Networking team

Blogging can seem like a lonely aspect of your business marketing as you sit isolated behind a keyboard. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and blogging can support your digital marketing when you put yourself out there. Look for opportunities to invite guest bloggers to post to your site and seek out opportunities to write guest blogs for others. This cross-promotion opens up your brand to a whole new audience. You can look for businesses in complementary fields who are not your direct competition. In this way, you are able to form relationships with other businesses and build a network. You can refer your clients to this network to avoid spreading yourself too thinly into an area that’s not your forte. In turn, your network will send customers your way too.

Any marketing plan requires ongoing maintenance, which makes regular blogging the perfect addition. For more help and advice on building a blog into your website and monitoring analytics, get in touch with vLinkD now.

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