4 Ways Traditional Marketing Complements Digital Marketing | Inet Solutions

Nowadays whenever a business wants to
expand its reach, they usually opt for digital marketing strategies
to help their brand become more recognizable to their target market.

Prior to the age of the internet
however, brands and businesses were using traditional marketing
strategies to expose the world to their mission and vision.

While most people today think that
traditional marketing is obsolete, it can actually complement any
brand’s marketing strategy. The reason why traditional marketing
still works is because a lot of people, despite the prevalence of
online media, still have access to a lot of traditional media
channels. In fact, 99% of families in the US have at least one
television in their homes. That gives traditional broadcast methods a
huge reach in just one country alone.

Traditional Marketing Can Increase Brand Awareness

Digital marketing strategies like
content optimization and email marketing can always use support to
make them more effective. In a business reliant on brand awareness,
traditional marketing tactics such as print and television ads can
help. Utilizing print media like brochures, pamphlets, or even
getting a Vancouver
sticker printing company to print your logo printed on
a sticker can really help increase brand awareness.

Traditional Marketing Helps Provide Brand Permanence

While having boosted
ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or
even YouTube can help provide consumer awareness of a brand, people
can easily scroll past them or overlook them amid the constant
barrage of images and information on these sites. Traditional
marketing strategies like branded merchandise provides permanent
brand awareness. The downside to giving away branded merchandise is
that it can become expensive.

Traditional Marketing Helps Create New Customers

Using traditional marketing materials
can help direct new potential clients to any online resources that a
company’s digital marketing strategies have cooked up. Through the
use of business cards, creating new customers can be achieved in a
cost-effective manner, especially when used during conventions or
gatherings. The important thing is for these business cards to
contain the necessary information that will direct them to the
brand’s website.

Traditional Marketing Helps Maintain A Brand’s Reputation

While using digital marketing
strategies for the permeation of a company’s brand across their
consumer demographic is cost-effective and can provide a decent
reach, what most digital marketing techniques lack is trust and
credibility. Using television commercials, newspaper and magazine ads
as well as radio advertising is helpful because most people consider
these sources of information as more credible than online sources.
And in an age where fake news is prevalent in the online world, it is
much better to use traditional media outlets in conjunction with
digital marketing to help with business
reputation management.

So while a brand’s initial reaction
might be to exhaust their marketing budget on purely digital
marketing strategies like search engine optimization, email
marketing, targeted social media ads, and other similar tactics, it
will also help the company a great deal if traditional marketing is
tapped as well. There is a reason why these marketing strategies have
remained robust despite the world shifting to a more digital
presence, and it’s pretty easy to see why.