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Marketing, over the last decade, underwent a drastic transition where everything became digital. This digital shift was facilitated by the rise of social media combined with increased internet accessibility. This shift, however, was foreseen by a lot of analysts as social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter became new avenues of content consumption. Today, with the introduction of content creation tools such as reels, carousel posts, etc, marketers have now found a new space to advertise their products. Such tools not only ensure effective audience interaction but also help in building potential customers. Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated such concepts to a level where we witnessed the emergence of a new marketing asset, famously known as ‘influencers’. 

There’s no doubt that the concept of digital marketing has become a global phenomenon. To battle the competitive edge offered by the digital spaces, even industry-leading brands/companies such as Apple, Nike, and Zomato, have separate digital marketing budgets to promote/advertise their products, services online. 

Digital marketing, in a true sense, has turned the world into a global market. If you have an upper hand at understanding the digital trends or have insight on how to use some of the famous digital marketing tools, you can outshine any of the big corporations that might otherwise be a potential threat to your business. In order to conduct digital marketing functions effectively, one must stay abreast with all the digital marketing tools that help in facilitating your day-to-day digital marketing needs. Following is a list of 5 Digital Marketing Tools that will assist you in creating extraordinary digital marketing strategies in 2022. 

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