5 Digital Marketing Trends Sure to Make an Impact in 2019

All of us know that digital B2B marketing patterns are continuously altering. Here are the leading 5 trends getting momentum that you’ll wish to include in your 2019 strategic plans.1.

Predictive/Intent Data

B2B companies continue to recognize that need within target business is specified by numerous differing individuals that comprise a purchasing group (or exactly what Sirius Decisions refers to as a need system). Sirius Decisions’ explains intent data as “looking at what an individual or a company has just recently done to identify what may be of current interest to them.” The truly effective aspect of intent data is that it’s not simply from your website. Intent information tools aggregate info from other sites and offsite locations to forecast interest. With this information, marketers can then figure out courses forward for engaging active purchasers through a range of channels such as direct mail, sales outreach, or digital marketing.

As B2Bs continue to move towards marketing to require units and account-based methods, want to see a growing market of services for collecting and reporting intent data.

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