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E-commerce is no longer the sole purview of home entertainment, electronics, and clothes. The food and beverage market is gradually shifting towards the online market, and the time for your service to get on board is now.

The industry is at a turning point. Ingenious start-ups are utilizing scalable online solutions to take advantage of shifting customer patterns. Enduring food and drink titans are investing billions developing e-commerce channels to recognize untapped development and stay competitive. Online grocery shopping is predicted to be a$100

billion business by 2022. Development is taking place all over, and your company has a distinct opportunity, right now, to grab a share of it. Here are 5 factors you should seriously think about making this the year your business introduces an e-commerce channel.

E-commerce is the future of the market

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)100vw, 300px”data-recalc-dims=”1 “> n< a href="https://www.statista.com/statistics/240892/number-of-us-supermarket-stores-by-format/" target="_ blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" > 38,500 grocery stores in the U.S., where customers spend over $600 billion on groceries annually. Clearly, the brick-and-mortar model is in no threat. Nevertheless, a growing number of buyers are

buying food and buying meals online. And those numbers are only going to keep growing. There are numerous reasons for this, most of which come down to the modern-day way of life. Taking half an hour to drive to the shop for groceries can be difficult to manage with a busy schedule– an issue which the benefit of online food shipment gets rid of. The exact same concept extends to cooking: health-conscious consumers who want the nutritional worth of a home-cooked meal but do not have the time to prepare it themselves will gladly pay online for food and have freshly-prepared meals provided straight to their doors. Like any other convenience, buyers who attempt it quickly get utilized to it and get the word out. New companies will need to aspect online channels into their strategy, and existing companies will require to add them to remain competitive

. E-commerce is an extraordinary chance

And the significant players currently understand it.

Food and drink giants like Mondelez, General Mills, and PepsiCo are currently moving toward e-commerce, establishing brand-new e-commerce methods and expanding on the techniques they already have in place.

According to General Mills, e-commerce is their single fastest-growing channel, with some European markets witnessing 10 %of food sales happening online currently. In 2015, PepsiCo appointed Gibu T homas as their new general supervisor of e-commerce– the previous senior vice president of mobile and digital strategy at Walmart, who assisted that company grow into a $12.1 billion merchant online. Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s CEO, has stated that food and drink e-commerce is the” next great transformation “in the industry. At the very same time, smaller companies and start-ups, especially in sectors like specialized food and beverage, are innovating, satisfying consumer trends, and reacting to an increasing demand for online channels, thereby permitting them to declare a growing portion of the marketplace share. Just when it comes to specialized food and beverage, e-commerce represent 36%of all sales in both direct-to-consumer and B2B markets. E-commerce is what consumers expect

The essential factor why e-commerce does so well in every industry is that shopping online is easy, hassle-free, and conserves time and cash for organisations and consumers alike.

On the customer level, modern consumers overall tend to research their purchases, and this encompasses purchasing food online. E-commerce allows the consumer to compare prices and utilize find-a-store features to locate the nearby dining establishment or grocery.

More and more, consumers also desire to understand about dietary worth, ethical sourcing, sustainability, the living conditions and treatment of animals, and so on. These problems certainly go right up the chain to the B2B level, from producers and suppliers to catering services.

Food and beverage e-coe-commerce consumer mmerce companies are positioned to put all this information

at consumers’fingertips with a click and thus affect their buying choices, while well-planned< a href="https://www.k-ecommerce.com/blog/six-seo-tactics-make-online-business-stand/"target="_ blank" rel =" noopener noreferrer" > search engine optimization provides you the opportunity e-commerce industryto rank for essential search terms, drive traffic to your site, and develop yourself as a go-to source for what customers want. E-commerce helps you stick out In a market where shoppers are overwhelmed with choice, standing apart from the competitors and differentiating your brand are important to success in the industry. New companies deal with apparent struggles on this front, however at the very same time, their little size offers them the agility to adjust and react to altering consumer patterns quicker than bigger, more reputable brand names with long product advancement and testing cycles. For their part, the larger companies need to transform their company model, both to keep their existing market position and win new customers. This is why Ben Rudman, director at SDR Ventures, calls competitive differentiation the greatest challenge facing food and drink. E-commerce channels make it a lot easier for companies to take their mark and specify their brand name. Working out beyond the services and products offered, the right e-commerce solution permits organisations to craft and refine the user experience of their online consumers. It lets you get in touch with and react to your customer base through social media, promote brand recognition, and eventually foster client loyalty. The bottom line is, 64%of companies who prosper across the market are currently employing an e-commerce for food and beverage technique, and the numbers are climbing. If you do not take benefit of the opportunity for differentiation and growth, your competitor will.

E-commerce is simpler than ever

Even if you’re entirely new to e-commerce, opening an efficient, lucrative online channel built to market best practices is easier than it’s ever been. By picking an ERP-integrated e-commerce service, you can in fact automate key company operations like order processing and inventory management, optimize your supply chains and shipping logistics, and lessen turnaround.

ERP combination works by integrating the information saved in your ERP with the information kept in your web shop. When orders are put in your shop, they transfer straight to the ERP for satisfaction, and the invoice transfers back to the web store. Both systems share consumer, inventory, and price details in real time, ensuring speed and accuracy and getting rid of human error.

With a wise choice easy e-commerce of e-commerce platform, you will have the ability to produce a distinct and gratifying consumer experience with a media-rich product offering, instinctive navigation, and robust search abilities. You can connect with B2B and B2C buyers alike, learn their habits, and deepen the client relationship with personalized promotions and pricing.

If you’re prepared to read more about the development capacity a food and drink e-commerce strategy can offer your organisation, offer us a call for an ROI assessment of your company’s project by one of our experts.