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In order to be successful in marketing, you need to target the right people. Learn about how to segment your customers to help you nail your audience targeting. In this video, John Lincoln, a digital marketing expert, will walk you through 7 different segmentation models for digital marketing. So what is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation involves splitting your customers into different groups by certain qualities. 7 Common Types of Customer Segmentation Demographics: age, marital status, income level 2. Geographic Segmentation: location 3. Psychographic Segmentation: specific personality traits, values, hobbies, lifestyles 4. Technographic Segmentation: the type of technology people use 5. Behavioral Segmentation: understanding how people interact with your brand 6. Needs-Based Segmentation: putting customer needs/struggles first 7. Value-Based Segmentation: figure out the highest spenders, or those who are most impactful to your bottom line BONUS: John reveals some of his most-used segmentation tools Interested in learning more? Leave a question below or share your most-used segmentation model. ►Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2AuX8o5 Learn more on our blog: https://ignitevisibility.com/ Ignite Visibility is a premier Internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA. #digitalmarketing #internetmarketing

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