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Is your construction business having a slow-down on getting new clients? Or are you finding yourself in tight competition with larger companies especially in bagging clients outside your locality? If any of these are your current concerns, then you may need to reevaluate and redo how you do your marketing.

The Internet plays a vital role in today’s marketing, especially as we face the pandemic. Why? To start, the pandemic has affected many local businesses and that includes construction companies. Such businesses are more dependent on walk-in customers, signage posts promotions, or posters outside the street sharing information about the business. However, with most people at home and online, businesses should take more advantage of promoting their services and products on the World Wide Web. 

Whether you haven’t started yet, or you need to reevaluate and redo your digital marketing, or perhaps have decided to hire the services from a digital marketing like Online Sprints, it pays for you to know where to start. Here tips that may boost your online presence.

1. Make sure your location and your phone number are easy to find.

Have you ever heard of Google My Business? It’s a local business listing in Google that allows you to share your business profile, use Google Maps to direct customers to your office location and post your business number and even website. What’s good about this is that you can optimize it according to your locality that those searching for a construction business in your locality can find you through search results.

Let’s say your business is in San Diego, if you list your business and its address, plus you make use of local search keywords like “construction business in San Diego” then you have higher chances of being spotted by potential customers through your listed business profile. Just make sure that when you do add it on Google My Business, you’ll add your phone number where customers can call you, and your office address.

2. Set up a Google ad service.

Google ads service is another way for you to get the attention of your potential clients. Other than you get targeted keywords included (keywords from Google that are used by your target market is searching for a company like yours), Google ad service heightens your chances of getting seen when search results are up. 

3. Make your website user friendly

Make your website easy to navigate that your visitors see your services, testimonies, blog content, and office address and phone number. You can ask yourself the following series of questions:

It’s also best to keep the website simple. This way, it will keep it easy on the eyes and better to scan. Always think of your visitor’s convenience.

4. Set your niche and social media target audience

You can set your social media pages to attract a more specific target audience. To do this, you need to decide on your specific niche to know who to target. 

Construction businesses are not always about building skyscrapers. Construction can be a home renovation, kitchen remodeling, condo unit revamping, and so on. Determine what your construction is all about. What is its focal service? Once you’ve answered this, you can determine who your target audience is.

If you’re focused on modern home remodeling, then your target markets are likely young professional adults or someone who is following modern architecture pages.

Determining your niche will help you set your social media account’s setting from which age range you should target, location of your target audience, and other details.

5. Create compelling video content

Many people these days are drawn to video content. For a construction company, this can be beneficial to attracting your target audience. 

You may want to show them a before and after renovation video to keep them interested. Or perhaps a tip to maintain a newly renovated house or room in your house. 

Plan your videos. You can check out other videos in the same industry as your business and get ideas from them. 

6. Create informative blog content

Just like video content, and informative blog content can attract your target audience. Remember that the people who follow you or research for companies like yours are looking for information that can help them with their construction needs. 

What informative blog content can you share?

Some of the most relevant and informative content are how-to’s, tips, news, and other content they can read and learn from. These are posted on your website’s blog and can be re-purposed for social media content.

7. Ask and post reviews from customers

Reviews are essential these days. Ask your previous or existing client for feedback. When people are searching for either product or services these days, they tend to look at the reviews to help them decide whether or not to get it for themselves. 

There are several ways for you to post their reviews. The first one is on your social media page. You can ask them to post a review once a service is done. The second way is by asking them and posting it on your website. Google My Business is another way for you to get their reviews posted. Clients post their reviews on your business profile.

Getting Your Digital Marketing Strategy Set

The internet continues to provide ways for businesses to promote and attract audiences even with the pandemic. If you feel challenged and would like to have a better start, you can get the services of digital marketing startups like onlinesprints.com. These tips may not be much, but they will surely you reach your target audience.

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