7 Ticketsolve Integrations to help you meet your digital marketing goals (& what you can use them for)

7 Ticketsolve Integrations to help you meet your digital marketing goals (& what you can use them for)

We love shouting about all the cool things that Ticketsolve can do, and one of these is our ability to integrate with some pretty handy tools that can really give you a leg up when it comes to meeting your digital marketing goals. 

In case you don’t know, when we’re talking about integration, we’re referring to the software applications we’re linked to, allowing us to share data and provide updates with them in real time (and them with us). 

Integrations allow you to take your activity even further – and Ticketsolve is able to integrate with absolutely loads of applications! Here are a few of our fave marketing tools, and some examples of what you can use them for. All of these tools do a multitude of awesome things, so we’ll just take you through a few of our favourite features!

Check out our video for a one-minute-long run down!

First up, we have the simple-but-powerful email marketing tool – which is seamlessly integrated with Ticketsolve. 

In a nutshell, with Mailchimp you can:

Google Analytics

Ah yes, everyone’s favourite analytics tool: Ticketsolve is primed and ready to work with Google Analytics 4 thanks to our integration. Google Analytics gives you all the information you need to better understand your customers, including:

You can also tailor Google Analytics 4 to your needs using custom reports, ensuring you have data views you need to optimise your activity. We recently partnered with Chris Unitt at One Further, who has generously provided his Google Analytics 4 reporting kit FREE for Ticketsolve community members

If you’ve not got Google Analytics 4 set up, we can help with that – find out how to do so. 

Google Tag Manager

On to Google Analytics’ partner in crime – Tag Manager, which allows you to add tags (or triggers) to your website, allowing you to track activity without needing a developer to add code.

While we’re talking code, we of course had to touch on Meta Pixel (or the Facebook remarketing pixel), which allows you to see how Facebook and Instagram users have interacted with your content. 

Using Pixel you can:

For more info about setting up audiences and remarketing using Pixel, check out our help centre article here. 

Find out more about setting up custom reports, and Meta Pixel as a whole, via our Helpdesk article.

Arts Council England’s Illuminate

We’re also integrated with some really helpful tools to help you understand your audience and how they engage with you – the first of which is Illuminate, a super helpful data platform developed  by Arts Council England and PwC, allowing you to: 

Audience Answers

Successor to Audience Finder, Audience Answers launched – and integrated with Ticketsolve – earlier this year, offering lots of ways for organisations to better understand their audiences.

Find out more about Audience Answers: have a read of our guest blog with Audience Agency’s Chris France.

TRG and Purple 7’s Arts & Culture Benchmark

This is a super helpful tool, originally created to aid post-pandemic recovery, providing real-time intelligence for arts and culture organisations, allowing you to:

For more information about how you can strategically use the data provided by the Benchmark, check out our webinar here. 

It’s worth noting that these are only a few of the many tools that can be integrated with Ticketsolve (We couldn’t go through them all, or this would be an extremely long blog.) For example, we haven’t even covered Zapier, which allows you to connect to over 3,000 other platforms, including some excellent marketing tools… 

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