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Your hotel’s marketing plan should focus on intelligent and relevant hotel advertising in this technological age. Marketing your hotel can help you reach a wider audience, attract more customers, and enhance revenue. Unfortunately, despite these benefits, only a few hotels employ a well-thought-out marketing approach. On the other hand, others make needless errors that lose their reputation and business. While we’ve already covered the most effective practices in hotel marketing, let’s take a look at some of the 

In a nutshell,

 Your hotel’s website is your window to the world 

It’s how you find customers and

How they find you.

If you try to pinch pennies on the creation, maintenance, and upkeep, you could be losing a lot of revenue.

Therefore, spending on hotel digital marketing shouldn’t be considered an expense

but rather a long-term investment

Almost 1/3 of small business owners maintain their websites themselves, neglecting essential site functions that consumers want, like

And most hoteliers do not even have or maintain their websites,

but technology in the hospitality industry is getting advanced, and having a customized website is a need of the hour.

Some common mistakes made when hoteliers try and do everything themselves:

1. No Call To Action

Customers are unsure how to interact with your website?

because there is NO CLEAR CALL TO ACTION.

INNsight-powered websites are intended to assist passengers.

First, LOOK,

then make a RESERVATION.

As a result, our primary call to action is for potential guests to  Book it Now 

2. Poor Website Design and User Experience

A website with No Clear Call-To-Action is usually Poorly Designed with Poor User Experience.

INNsight creates a ,

and our eCommerce Engine is designed to  BOOST  Reservations and engage guests from

 Research  –>  Booking  –>  Check-Out 

3. Time-Consuming Website Updates

When a hotelier attempts to maintain their website themselves,

they risk losing time that could be better spent running their hotel and nurturing business.

Instead, allow INNsight’s highly qualified personnel handle the effort for you,

ensuring that your lodging property is adequately represented on the

We deliver a mobile-friendly website design that benefits visitors who access your website.

4. No Metrics

Does your hotel website tell you a Story of Effectiveness?

Metrics are a must to analyze the effectiveness of your hotel website’s design, traffic, conversion, or customer habits or needs.

Your website powered by INNsight is automatically set up with Google Analytics.

If you use INNsight’s eCommerce Engine, you will see results directly from direct hotel bookings.

5. Poor SEO

Discoverability is Vital to Help Potential Customers Find your Hotel Website.

Unfortunately, many hotel websites lack keyword data, page titles, and sitemaps.

Let INNsight handle your so your hotel website can rank higher on Google and Bing.

6. No Social Media Integration and Activity

Allow your hotel’s guests to share their experiences so that you may reach an even broader spectrum of potential guests and spread word of mouth about your hotel.

Many hotel websites do not have social integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or TripAdvisor,

but INNsight.com-powered hotel websites do.

If you upgrade to our Premium package, we’ll even manage your hotel’s social media feeds for you,

including Facebook postings, and a unique hotel blog.

In addition, when a visitor checks out of your hotel,

we send them a Thank-You Email with a request that they follow you on social media.

7. No Mobile Optimized Hotel Website

Maintaining a mobile-friendly website design is crucial to

Choosing to have your website Powered by INNsight solves these potential business-killing problems.

In addition, choosing INNsight allows you to focus on running your hotel.

The professionals at INNsight specialize in building and maintaining fully customized, bookable Hotel websites and mobile websites.

8. Analytics and marketing metrics are being overlooked

Every marketing effort should have a defined, quantifiable aim based on existing data and influenced by your marketing expenditure (return on advertising spend).

Bookings should not be a goal for every activity,

although they should be your primary aim with supporting sub-goals

like increased website traffic, increased NPS score, etc.

INNsight can help you generate the monthly analytics report that can help you analyze your monthly traffic and revenue generation along with key pointer areas.

9. Not Investing Enough in Marketing

Keep in mind that marketing is not an expense.

It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Marketing is a 360-degree approach to business success,

from building a brand identity to increasing brand preference and generating bookings.

With the advancement of technology,

everyone uses a search engine to find your presence,

and omitting your digital presence can cause you to lose customers.

INNsight can assist you in converting your website visitors into paying customers.

Our custom creative website device can assist you in creating the perfect website that will unique visitors’ interest.

To achieve long-term success, you must have a digital presence.

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