9 skills which will future proof your Digital Marketing career.

9 skills which will future proof your Digital Marketing career.

In short, you need to constantly change and learn new skills.

Why? Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving ecosystem of the Internet, Web, Devices and Human Behavior.

And this ecosystem demand skills in creativity, logical thinking and the ability to customize point and click systems and platforms – all at the same time, If you have skills to code it will help.

Here are 9 skills which will future proof your Digital Marketing career.

1. Platform owners like Google, Facebook, Twitter, e-commerce portals are often changing the science behind the search and content delivery. Your code would not be that effective in a year, if not months. Or your competitor may find a way to beat you on any given day. This is where logical reasoning comes into the picture.

2. Digital Marketing warriors almost every year must reinvent themselves with new tactics to make sure they stay at the top of the search results and able to generate clicks to get better ROI. This is where creativity comes into the picture.

3. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain will make sure that new age marketing is more effective and does not rely solely on human creativity and ability. Unless you have logical reasoning and creativity together in you, you won’t be able to keep up with these technologies.

4. Digital Platforms – Adobe, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot etc are changing so fast that within a year they release many new features, your skills need a constant upgrade. Need to constantly learn is the most important skill set for any Digital marketer.

5. Content – You must know which content will work and which will not; more importantly how and when to use the content. Unless you know this, everything else will be futile. Even if you are not generating content you must know the ABC of content marketing to become a successful digital marketer.

6. Human Design – You must have some understanding of relationship between human behavior and interactions with systems and designing touch points around it.

7. Data handling and analytics is key for successful digital marketing campaigns, I see talented professionals struggle to get their ideas executed because they can’t move across excel file, write simple SQL queries or reading and making Google Analytics reports.

8. Government regulations are becoming the biggest nightmare for Digital Marketers. You must be aware of how you are handling the user data and privacy. GDPR for example discontinued many digital marketing practices overnight.

9. Having knowledge of marketing mix of your organisations marketing strategy and Product Management. Successful digital marketing campaigns are set around the goals of your organisation and not just for sake of being digital.

Despite not being a full-time digital marketer, I decided to write this post after been asked this question so many times.

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