A Debate as Old as Time — Printed vs Digital Marketing

A Debate as Old as Time — Printed vs Digital Marketing

About a decade ago, the digital revolution truly reached its peak. For a while, it seemed as if most companies made a complete shift to digital marketing, completely disregarding the printed tradition.

However, things are slowly changing once more. Nowadays, digital advertising has become so crowded and repetitive that most audiences find it boring and too overwhelming. Thus, a lot of brands are debating a return to printed ads and custom promo products.

But is such a move a good idea? Which type of marketing is actually superior? And how can you figure out the best promo game plan for your own business? Read on to find out!

Digital Fatigue

If you are a part of any marketing circle, you have probably already heard of the phrase digital fatigue. As its name suggests, this concept refers to the boredom and annoyance that digital marketing evokes in consumers.

For most people, ads have become a source of irritation. They see dozens of them every day, and very few seem to be personalised to the public’s tastes and needs. In fact, many consumers think that ads are just cheap ways to get them to buy something. Thus, they often disregard ads without even looking at them.

The Resurgence of Print

While people have started finding digital ads dull due to their omnipresence, the opposite happened to printed media. Namely, since it became rarer, consumers now see it as refreshing and creative.

Therefore, people will have a much better reaction to receiving a custom promo product or brochure than an intrusive online ad. The fact that printed items are tangible and real gives them more importance and weight in the eyes of customers.

In other words, if you invest in physical items such as pamphlets or branded notebooks and logo bags, your customers will think that you care about them. That will, in turn, make them more loyal to your brand.

So, What Is the Perfect Solution?

Although it is true that online marketing is slowly declining, it is still important to note that the world we live in is still very much digital. Thus, it would not be smart to disregard digital promo completely.

Instead, it is wiser to combine these two advertising types. By doing so, you will get the best of both worlds and ensure your brand gets new impressions every day.

So, try to make your online presence slightly less prominent and use the leftover money to send some corporate gifts to loyal or potential customers. That way, you’ll ensure they see all the effort and care you’re putting into your connection.

Reintroduce Print to Your Promo Campaigns

If you’re ready to make print a big part of your marketing strategy once again, give GoPromotional a call. We know how to effortlessly combine digital and printed marketing to give you the best results. By combining our efforts, we will ensure your customers always know your brand cares.

If you need even more info about marketing or any other related subject, we are here for you. Give us a call at or simply email us today.

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