Achieve Effective Digital Marketing in 2022 – 4 Questions to Ask

Marketing success in 2022 will require a little reflection. We can all make sweeping changes and hope for the best, but in order to do it right, you need to ask some key questions about how your marketing is performing.

If you’re here, then you’re probably looking to do this right.

We’ve put together this list of the 4 most important digital marketing questions you should be asking as we kick off 2022 to ensure effective marketing.

1. Is my website converting?

When was the last time you gave your website some love?

If your website’s not converting, there are a few things that might need addressing:

We spend lots of money on our websites; they should deliver an ROI – it’s that simple.

Issues with your website might be big and overarching, or they could be a simple case of auditing your H1 tags, content, meta descriptions, backlinks, etc., and conducting a general core web vitals check-up. 

Sometimes small changes can yield substantial results – we recommend making website optimisation a priority this New Year, as the sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits through 2022 and beyond. 

If it is a full website redesign that you need, the best time to correct a mistake is right now – don’t keep putting it off. Time spent with a poor website is time where your competitors are getting ahead.

2. Is my lead generation strategy in place?

Leads are the lifeblood of digital marketing, and functional marketing will bring in lots of leads. 

But (and it’s a big but), lots of leads doesn’t necessarily mean lots of sales. Effective marketing is the process of ensuring that the leads that you’re bringing in are high quality. 

Quality > quantity when it comes to leads. You don’t want to be wasting loads of time on people who aren’t really interested in what you’re selling.

At , we call these vanity metrics – big numbers look great, but aren’t really that useful to the bottom line. 

Your should include a mix of:

Naturally, not every facet of lead gen will be applicable to your business, but a healthy combination of methods is incredibly important when looking to build effective marketing & lead generation.

3. Have I got the right structure to deal with more leads?

It’s all well and good bringing in the leads, but have you got the infrastructure in place to handle, process and sell to them?

Your marketing is not effective if your sales team can’t close the sale, and if your operations team can’t handle the business. 

Before you ever start marketing, you must ensure that you can deliver on what your marketing promises.

Many businesses conclude that marketing doesn’t work, but it’s not the marketing that’s failing, it’s your business infrastructure that isn’t working

A good digital marketing partner will help you to build this infrastructure out before ever beginning a marketing campaign. Remember – the only numbers that matter start with ‘£’.

4. How do I choose the right digital marketing partner?

Choosing the right digital marketing partner can be like walking through a minefield with a blindfold on. Everyone promises the world, the best year ever and a bloody unicorn.

Let’s be realistic for a moment.

Digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. You need to find a digital marketing partner who aligns with your goals and who you connect with on a personal level.

At the end of the day, business is a personal thing, no matter how hard we try to disconnect from it. We recommend asking any prospective digital marketing agency the following questions:

At Catalyst, we live and breathe digital marketing. We’re properly passionate about what we do, and we truly believe that honesty is the way forward. That’s why we encourage prospective clients to talk to our current clients to get an honest impression about our work. 

In order to achieve effective marketing in 2022, you need to get your sales, marketing and operations processes in order. By asking yourself the above questions, you’re taking the first (and most important) step towards building your business and improving your bottom line. 

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