ACHRY: an e-commerce platform that provides space for stores to present their items online

Everything began with an issue and a question, why do I need to either head out in the heat or rain, sit in traffic or stand in line to take a look at my preferred stores and try to find a particular product, or go through unlimited lists of items that I primarily overlook the origin of in online stores? Why can’t there be a mixture of the 2? I thought of developing a platform (website/app) that collects all stores in all cities and provides them an area to showcase their products.Our service is

rather easy, to our users, it will be the place where they can browse for any item or discount rate by checking out stores in their location or other cities, or follow their favourite and get notified everytime they add something new. As for our clients (Entrepreneur), we provide the chance to have an area where they can display their product and services with their own name and their OWN COSTS. Thus reaching more people.Our success

aspects are extremely high just since our service is extremely needed. All of us know that online shopping is taking control of, people are going with the easier way, which’s harming business owner who invested from their difficult earned money. With a platform like ACHRY, we provide the chance to join the online competition, by having their own showcase online, amongst other comparable companies in their area or category.We are different due to the fact that unlike all online stores and e-commerce out there, we do not sell any item per se. Instead, we’ll have all stores in all cities listed through over 25 classifications and have them offer their own. We put the shop’s name’s very first and ours stays behind, they are needed to put the exact same rates on their products as they do in their genuine shops. They don’t have to worry about shipping, they simply update their page as easily as if they were upgrading their Facebook or Instagram.Because our App and website will be complimentary for our users, our consumers will be the shops that will select to appear in our platform and have an area. They’ll have to pay month-to-month, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. The rates will be very low because we ‘d rather have a large number of customers paying us little money each, than a little number of consumers paying us a lot, that and the more stores we have the more users we get which results in a lot more shops. And also 4 types of advertising readily available in our platform for the long term.Our rivals are e-commerce platforms and online shops like Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia in Africa. They are BIG companies and rather scary to take on. However, we think that our platform is various enough, and needed enough to have a spot amongst them.