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I am a new user and  have some questions. I have tried looking through community but still some confusion around.

1. I have an existing site which was custom made in HTML. www.lifelinepharmacycambridge. I want to add an e commerce arm to my existing site but do not want to redirect every visitor to shopify store as we use the forms for existing customers. Is there a way to add a shop/shopify button or link on my site which takes only the users who are interested in buying to go to shopify store?  I have read articles but it only tells to redirect to shopify store. Will I need to talk to my developer or there is another way to do it?

2. In order to build a shopify store ,do I need a seperate domain name or it can be intergrated with  my existing domain ?

3. What does a buy button do? does it redirect all website visitors to Shopify ?

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