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AI and Digital Marketing: The Numbers

intelligence is already taking over the world of SEO and digital marketing,
with a landmark new
study revealing a 14 fold increase in the usage of AI since the year
2000. For the cloud tech and virtualization sector, the trend has been
particularly fast growing. There is really no way around it. AI is bringing
down costs and getting results at a rate no one thought possible just a few
years ago. Despite a slowdown
in infrastructure spending within cloud computing, investment in AI is
continuing to grow. This is bound to change the world of digital marketing for

SEO Companies Using AI to Double by
the end of 2019

a company looking into customer engagement, has released a revealing report on
the state of AI in digital marketing. For instance, in 2018, use of AI in SEO
services was just 14%. In 2019, it is expected to hit 30%, with twice as many
companies utilizing the technology. 

Avidon Marketing Group, a
proponent of innovative SEO strategies, has noted the importance of efficiency
in digital marketing. There is no way a team of human beings can be as
efficient as a highly advanced AI program. With this in mind, it is no surprise
that growth
in AI capabilities will lead to rapid adoption by online marketing

Most Customers Don’t Realize They Are
Using AI

second startling stat from Pega’s study concerns how unaware customers are that
they are even dealing with AI in the first place. Only a third of consumers
believe that AI is a part of their interaction with technology. However, 77%
use an AI powered service or device.

could be an advantage for your virtualization company. An ignorance of AI among
customers lowers fears about data privacy and creates an image of efficiency
and competence for your business. However, as public information about AI
grows, people may
become skeptical of the technology. In this instance, it will be your job
to lower concerns and highlight the benefits of AI.

Costs Down, Revenues Up for
Virtualization Companies

is clear from the data is that use of AI is correlated with an increase in
revenue and a reduction of costs. Those companies who have decided to start
using AI have predicted a 37% decrease in their costs, along with 39% rise in
revenues. In almost all cases, then, embracing AI leads to a more profitable
visualization company. It is the upfront costs that put many small and medium
sized businesses off the idea of investment, but if you can secure a loan then
there should be little problem in repaying it.

Digital marketing has involved AI for longer than many people know, but
some smaller companies have been slow in embracing it. However, this new study
by Pega makes it clear that the benefits are huge. There is a rapid adoption
rate among companies, so not taking on the technology yourself will leave you
left behind in a competitive market. Your customers may not be aware that they
are even dealing with AI, but you will know for sure, as you watch your profit
margins rise.

Published Monday, October 07, 2019 1:45 PM
David Marshall

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