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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves, not only by generating art that can win prizes and articles that can make it past editors, but also by helping marketers make smarter decisions.

These are some of the ways that brands and businesses are using it to drive success when it comes to digital marketing. 

AI-Powered Writing 

When it comes to content creation, more brands are starting to rely on AI-powered content creation tools such as Jasper and, which gives them the power to generate a great deal of text that is SEO optimized and only needs a small amount of tweaking by a human editor or writer before it’s publish ready. As content is king, it can only help to have even more assistance in generating it

Helping Businesses Thrive 

According to a from more than 1,000 companies in the United States, 52 percent have accelerated their AI adoption plans, with aims to improve customer experience, speed up decision making, and increase productivity. 

Brian Susantio, chief technology officer at Custom Media, explained that AI options are impressive, while also making a reference: “We’re still far from having an AI that is hostile towards humanity, and the AI tools available to us are far from hostile towards brands and companies. As business leaders, it will be in our best interest to make informed decisions based on some of the best solutions that AI can offer now.”

Take e-commerce platforms, for example. AI can help you transform the way you handle massive amounts of data that might be generated from your operations, which can be overwhelming to wade through on your own. It can help you identify and develop approaches to potential customers who are already interacting with you online, based on their browsing patterns and other signals. 

This knowledge can help you create customized communication with potential customers and appeal to them in new and personalized ways. And combined with technologies such as , an AI-based approach can allow you to streamline communication and develop funnels for customer acquisition that generate extremely impressive results.

Get with the Program 

Another way that AI approaches are changing digital marketing is through AI-based programmatic advertising, which boosts the way that ad targeting can work. While most search-driven manual advertising campaigns can consider just a few targets, such as keyword, location, and time of day, AI-based approaches can utilize hundreds of targets in order to personalize an online ad that can hone in on lifestyle and behavior patterns. 

This is definitely an approach that marketers who make heavy use of media buying to acquire customers.

Looking into the Crystal Ball

An even more advanced means of using AI for digital marketing, which can be combined with some of the approaches mentioned above, is predictive analytics, sometimes known as predictive modeling. This is an approach that combines historical data and test runs to predict the future behavior of people. 

As business leaders, it will be in our best interest to make informed decisions based on some of the best solutions that AI can offer now.
Brian Susantio

Chief Technology Officer

Custom Media

Harnessing this approach not only lets you base your understanding on what a potential customer has already done when they’re interacted with you online, but gain an understanding of what they might want. And when paired with other AI-based digital marketing strategies, it can lead to major wins for your brand online. 

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