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Fans of Moulin Rouge, head’s up. Airbnb has now made a secluded room, housed inside the iconic red windmill featured in the film, available for a romantic overnight escapade for three lucky couples—all for just €1 (US$1.05) a night.

Nestled in the center of Montmartre, France, you and your partner will not only enjoy a comfortable stay in the room but also indulge in a traditional three-course French meal, be seated at the best vantage points in the house to catch Moulin Rouge’s Féerie, and hop on backstage after the performance is over. 

Image via Airbnb

During the stay, guests will be greeted and hosted by the play’s lead dancer, Claudine Van Den Bergh, and can enjoy a private tour of the site, including learning about its history and costumes, a trip backstage to her dressing room, as well as pose for pictures with the cast of the show.

According to Airbnb, this is the first time the roomy interior of the windmill, which has been designed as a hallmark of the boudoir-inspired, cabaret era, has ever been opened to the public, allowing guests to take a “peek behind the velvet curtain” of the famed landmark. 

Image via Airbnb

To recreate the stylistic details of the 19th century, the company enlisted French historian Jean-Claude Yon to renovate the windmill in an authentic manner that mimics how it would have looked during that time period, bringing back the Belle Époque era that we’ve come to know and love thanks to the hit film. 

“The Belle Époque era was a time when French culture and arts flourished—and no landmark is more iconic to that period than the Moulin Rogue,” said Yon. 

“The secret room inside the cabaret’s famous windmill has been designed to take you on an authentic journey back in time to experience the French capital of arts and pleasures during a moment in history,” he added.

Image via Airbnb


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