KEPSA partnered with Jumia Kenya, a member of KEPSA, to train youth on internet for company with a predisposition on e-commerce on 13th August, 2018 at YWCA in Nairobi. The training concentrated on imparting digital marketing and affiliate marketing skills in youth thinking about the e-Commerce service and covered the skills of a sales individual, steps and procedure of signing up on Jumia Kenya website, the job opportunity and benefits of a J-Force agent, levels of affiliates, online payment and success stories. The training looked for to develop the knowledge and skills on e-commerce for the youth who took care of allow them pursue Jumia J-Force agent company opportunity and make a good earnings online. The training anticipates that at least 30% of the qualified youth will transform to J-Force representatives in the next one-month which will then inform a present of e-commerce training for Ajira Digital trained youth by Jumia Kenya in the 47 counties throughout the nation. The e-Commerce training united 25 youth from Stage I who were mentored on digital marketing.

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