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Abuzz Creative is known best for website design, video production, web photography, short term social media, and marketing training. We also offer search engine and social media optimization, content writing, site audits, email marketing and public relations services.

If you need an expert to help launch your startup online, or if your current online strategy needs an audit and potential overhaul, we can help!

One Stop Shop for Digital Marketing

We consult with clients to determine their needs from start (new website, photos, videos, content writing, analysis) to finish (training on managing your new website). We also provide training on managing social media, email marketing, and public relations.

A marketing strategy will map out a project specialized for you. Our techniques are tried and tested for your specific situation.

Competitor Analysis

First things first. Let’s see who your competitors are. Chances are there are other companies out there offering a similar product or service as you. Even if your focus is on  a specific niche market, you will face some kind of competition online.

Before we begin any website, video, or social media project, we perform a quick competitor analysis.

  • Identify your top competitors
  • Analyze your competitor’s content
  • Compare their message to yours
  • Check their social media channels

This analysis gives us a better understanding of how to align with your competition.

Digital Marketing Strategies by Abuzz Creative

Website Development: Now more than ever, your customers expect to be able to find information about your company online. Your website is your most important online home and marketing piece. It’s the hub for all of your digital marketing activity. We start with a design strategy for building your online home with a goal of developing a credible web presence that gets results. Your new website will help you be competitive with other businesses and will keep shoppers on your website.

Content Writing: From titles and headlines to web pages and blog posts, together we can write high-quality text that helps sell an idea or product. Communicating your ideas with great copy will inspire people to take action. Content needs to be written for the search engines, too, and we can help format text properly for the best results.

Visual Content: Visuals are an important part of not only your website but all of your digital marketing. Visuals help attract your audience, tell a story, and create certain emotions. This will work best with your own photos instead of generic stock images. We provide professional photography services with quality cameras and lighting. We help you show your business and your staff in the very best light. Great photos of your products will help you sell online, too!

Website Audit: Do you hate the word audit? We do, too. Our SEO analysis looks at everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. As we build your website, we perform audits as we go. That way your site is optimized and everything has been addressed. We can also perform a complete and detailed web audit on websites that are currently live and online. An audit will give us a deeper understanding on changes needed to help improve traffic as well as how to improve conversions. See? The word audit can be a good thing!

Google Analytics: By installing Google Analytics, we can analyze your website performance and traffic together. This will help us determine what needs to be done to improve and grow. You cannot improve if you don’t measure. We will get your analytics setup properly and show you how to extract the data you need.

Video Marketing: The use of video has progressed rapidly and has reached new heights. Videos satisfy people’s need for information and entertainment. Our video services are priced to be affordable, versatile and profitable for your digital marketing. Videos can be used on your website, in social media, as part of training, and for advertising on TV and in movie theaters.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to how easily your website can be found by your ideal audience in a search. Website owners use SEO to help search engines find, index, and rank their web pages – hopefully above a competitor! Our proven SEO techniques improve your search engine ranking to boost traffic and profits. Search engine ranking isn’t something you achieve indefinitely so it’s wise to perform SEO audits periodically to see if any changes are needed.

Social Media Marketing: Instead of managing social media for your business, we prefer to train you on how to manage your own social media better. We will show you how to use social media to engage people and bring them into your world through great content, quality visuals and videos that tell a story. Meeting your audience on social media can mean the difference between a business that’s remembered and one that is not. Your business can attract inbound traffic from your social media channels which you can then convert into new customers.

Social Media Management: We also provide short term management when you could use help promoting important events or just need someone to take over the tasks during your busy months.

Storytelling: Marketing has changed and the days of the hard-sell broadcasting tactics are over. People relate to stories that stir up emotions. Stories are almost always fun and engaging to read. People also love a good story behind a product or service.

Social Insights: Social media insights help you analyze consumer behaviors and choices. We can help you analyze your Facebook and Instagram insights to help you determine future choices and stories for the best engagement.

Email Marketing: Email is still one of the best distribution channels for marketing, and permission email is the name of the game. Most businesses focus on Facebook for delivering their message but only 2% of their followers might see posts in the news feed. With email marketing, 90% of your subscribers will get your message. Those two stats should be enough to get you started! We make it easy, either by showing you how to do it yourself or by managing email marketing for you.

Publicity: The launch of social media has expanded the world of Public Relations beyond traditional media like newspapers, television and radio. A big part of PR is online media and social networking sites. Positive publicity is a remarkable tool for getting your business noticed and making a name for yourself.

We are your “One Stop Shop” for Digital Marketing in Petoskey, Michigan!