Amazon and ConsenSys-Built Kaleido Launches Full-Stack Marketplace


Blockchain software-as-a-service( SAS )project Kaleido has introduced a marketplace to provide its users with a”full-stack business platform.”Their”Blockchain Service Cloud” now includes a” new market [of] trusted tools and services

from Kaleido, AWS, and members of the new partnership program, all provided as plug-and-play. “The suite of services will feature oracles, wallet and ID services, supply chain tools and even legal contract software.According to a business statement,”Customers now have access to native AWS integrations, popular services such as HD wallets for personal privacy and ID windows registries

for organizational identity, as well as industry items such as Chainlink for wise contract oracles, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and for real-time legal contracts, and numerous others– all at the click of a button.”Kaleido, which went live in May 2018, is one of many managed by ConsenSys. Developed on Ethereum, the platform is a hybrid blockchain that permits business to handle a personal chain that can sync with the Ethereum mainnet, housing”a number of agreement algorithms(RAFT, POA, and IBFT)that its users can toggle in between.”The software-as-a-service is offered on Amazon Web Services(AWS ), and it runs on AWS’cloud framework.Since its launch, the press release declares that “Kaleido has helped companies create over 1,000 blockchain networks with its Blockchain Company Cloud.” “The truth is just about 10 percent of a business blockchain task is the blockchain itself. There are lots of other application, data and infrastructure components needed

to go into production. I’m extremely excited that we have an entire cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our customers to utilize. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one-stop store for all things business blockchain,”creator and CEO of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny, stated in light of the statement. Kaleido is likewise releasing a partnership program incorporated with the marketplace, inviting third-party developers “to join the community by promoting their offerings in the Kaleido Marketplace, embedding Kaleido in their own blockchain solutions, or accelerating client engagements by utilizing Kaleido.”This post originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.