Amazon Marketplace Development Program

Amazon’s Market Growth Program allows sellers to “access brand-new ways to grow your company to the next level with the help of a knowledgeable Amazon professional” for between $2,500– $5,000 each month for 12 months.What do sellers in

the program get?With the Amazon Market

Development Program you’ll: Get personalised coaching.Receive training and gain

  • insight from an appointed Account Manager.Find out
  • how to expand your business.Gain guidance solving business-critical issues.Optimise sales performance.Get assistance on: Improving sales performance.Expanding your business.Optimising item visibility.Improve account health.What do the 1:1 sessions
  • cover?The 1:1 sessions with your account supervisor will cover core Amazon services.1. Keeping your Selling Account healthy Discover ways to keep an eye on and

    1. enhance the health of your service. Committed assistance and performance
    2. assessment can help you fix and fix issues much faster.2.

    Growing your business Receive category-specific assessment to broaden your product choice, plan for global growth and be on the shortlist for Amazon pilot and beta programs.3. Merchandising on Amazon Give your products more visibility with guidance on optimizing product listings, setting up marketing projects, and running offers, promotions,

    and social networks marketing.How much does it
    cost?A monthly charge is determined based upon your Selling account’s total worth of items sold to Amazon’s consumers throughout the 12 months prior to your approval in

    Marketplace Development. Cancellationis allowed after 6 months with 30 days’notification. Overall 12 Month Profits Monthly Fee Less than $1MM $2,500 $1MM–$ 10MM$3,500

    Greater than$10MM $5,000 You need to have an active Expert Selling Account in good standing on Sellers who desire to look for numerous Selling Accounts should complete the application with an e-mail address and Merchant Token distinct to each Offering Account. Market Development is currently

    only offered for sellers offering in the US Marketplace.
    Apply here

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