Amsterdam’s KeyWI raises funds from Graduate Entrepreneur Fund for its AI-powered digital marketing assistant

Rotterdam-based Graduate Entrepreneur Fund announced that it has invested an undisclosed amount in a pre-Seed round of funding in Amsterdam-based KeyWI, a software tool that provides insights into keywords to boost organic search traffic.

From driving innovation to enhancing societal development, entrepreneurship is important for several reasons. And every year, thousands of new innovations are launched from universities across Europe. 

However, not many can convert these innovations into commercial success And that’s partly because of the lack of financing and customers. The Graduate Entrepreneur Fund aims to change this.

About KeyWI’s digital marketing assistant

Online marketing plays a vital role in scaling a business. It helps increase a website’s visibility as well as get more visits. And this is where Search Engine Marketing can help a business grow organically.

Founded in 2021 by Daan Vermunt, Donald Martens and Sam van Houten, KeyWI offers AI-based digital marketing assistant tools for SMEs, globally. The startup claims to directly grow businesses by creating content and advertisements, both organic and paid visibility, in search engines.

With KeyWI’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool, a business can create content directly with ‘bite-sized’ weekly personalised tasks and measure its performance. The software can handle any language and location by analysing keywords and opportunities in the local market. 

Factors such as interpretation of language or industry knowledge are no longer a concern because KeyWI looks at local data sources, the company claims.

After completing a task, the software continues to measure the results and informs businesses where they are growing and where they are not. KeyWI learns from these results and is able to generate better tasks over time. 

In addition, the analytics section provides insight into the performance of a website wherein all the linked data sources are shown in one analytics dashboard. Also, users always have access to historical data to present better results.

Currently, the company’s tool is being used by more than 35+ digital marketing agencies. It provides them with data-driven insights to optimise their search engine visibility and further improve the digital assistant.‍‍

About Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

Graduate Entrepreneur is an initiative of a group of influential and merited alumni of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC, and the Delft University of Technology. The initiative was announced on April 8, 2021.

The fund is led by the Fund Management Team, consisting of Auke van den Hout, Angela Pellaupessy, Ludolf Stavenga, and Nienke Roef, who work together with a student team from Delft and Rotterdam. Besides funding, the alumni offer coaching and access to an extensive network.

The Graduate Entrepreneur Fund focuses on investments in companies that develop technologies that the universities of Delft and Rotterdam are known for, including medtech, logistics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Fund’s investment requirement is that at least one of the founders must have studied or worked at the Delft University of Technology, the Erasmus MC or the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

According to a statement by Graduate Entrepreneur, “The team of KeyWI has shown the potential of their product by attracting a growing number of customers while also improving the quality of their insights. With the focus on the ease of use of the AI assistant, we think a lot of companies can benefit from the insights KeyWI provides to increase sales.”

Graduate Entrepreneur invests in the earliest phase with tickets starting at €50K. For these investments, the Fund works together with a special student team that scouts these startups. At the Seed and Series A stage, the fund invests tickets up to €2M, which is managed by its Fund Management Team.

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