An advancement in e-commerce: global shipping from Belgium

E-commerce is on the rise. More and more people shop online, and they also spend more money online than ever. Did you think millennials are the only e-commerce adepts around? Think again! Elderly people are also enthusiastically purchasing products on the internet. And that makes perfect sense because it’s so easy: you can do your shopping from home, whenever you like. Are you an entrepreneur? Then it is worthwhile to boost your e-commerce game! Keep in mind that 68% of millennials make their purchasing decisions based on the shipping options your offer … Fortunately, shipping internationally from Belgium has never been easier.

Setting up an e-shop: shipping options are key

As a retailer, your online presence is vital these days. A web shop not only lowers the threshold for your customers (they don’t have to leave their homes and they can shop online 24/7); it also generates extra profit and it allows you to tap into international markets. But of course you have to go about it the right way. To name just one thing to take into account: the shipping options you offer are of crucial importance.

Consumers want their purchase as fast as possible (34% has doubts about e-commerce because it means they have to wait for their order to arrive) and they want to pay little for shipping (high shipping costs are the number one reason stopping people from shopping online). In addition, the possibility of flexible or free returns is a big takeaway: about 68% of the consumers considers it the prime advantage of a web shop, and they attach as much importance to these options as to a brand’s reputation.

Home delivery thanks to DHL

If you want to keep your customers happy, it is vital that their shipment arrives at their doorstep on time. It goes without saying that offering premium shipping like DHL Express generates additional orders as well as profit. DHL has years of experience with door-to-door deliveries, teaming up with distribution centres around the world to provide an even better service for you (and your customers). And we are not only the go-to partner for deliveries; our logistical solutions for return shipping are equally fast and efficient, guaranteeing great customer relationships.

International shipping: think global, act local!

is only one of DHL’s many trump cards, allowing your web shop to go global in no time. Yet keep in mind that people still prefer to buy local, so make sure to adapt your website to the local culture as much as possible – and we’re not only talking translations here, but being attentive to cultural sensitivities, too. (For instance, even though Dutch and Belgian shoppers speak the same language, they have a completely different way of communicating.)

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