An SEO Case Study: How we tripled the traffic of an E-commerce shop

The Gown Outlet is an e-commerce store providing a huge series of gowns for females. From plus-size gowns to cocktail dresses, you can find anything in their store you require for a special occasion.Given they have a

great deal of items and product categories, they have a great deal of capacity for organic traffic as well.Dress outlet understood they had possible and desired to increase their natural traffic. They called us in May asking us for a detailed audit and SEO strategy.Since then, we have actually handled to triple their

natural traffic and go up the rankings for a popular keyword,” mom of the bride-to-be dresses. “This keyword gets an outrageous amount of search traffic, about 104.000 Searches per Month.We have a certain process we follow with every customer we

handle. That process is creating an audit, doing a comprehensive keyword research and after that producing the ideal strategy that will make them rank in 6 months.We have utilized these tools throughout the campaign: – Ahrefs-

Semrush -Shrieking Frog- Google Analytics -Google Webmaster Tools How We Did it First
, we created an audit of the site. Offered they have thousands of pages, this

was not an easy

task.We used yelling frog for the audit procedure. As quickly as the tool was done crawling the site, we noticed a lot

of really comparable categories, thin content pages, and meta property issues.The most important concern was the numerous H1s every product page had.Thanks to a surprise area, every product page on the website had 2 H1s, which confused Google about the subject of these pages, plus you need to ALWAYS have just one H1 tag per Page.Due to the very comparable category pages, we also discovered a great deal of pages cannibalizing each other and holding back rankings. This was because of other keywords discussed on wrong category pages

, and the absence of proper internal linking strategy.We have managed to fix this by de-optimizing particular pages and incorporating a proper internal linking strategy. The results of this were big, as you can see below, the best pages began to rank for the ideal keywords, and they started effectively rising in rankings as well.There was likewise a lots of missing out on brief and long meta residential or commercial properties that we then included.
These are crucial to get done before we go about doing any backlinking.This specific customer, similar to the majority of e-commerce shops, had a common concern. They had actually inquiry URLs indexed.

We disallowed these in the robots.txt, then set them to 410 to let Google understand that these pages are gone.When we began dealing with the client, the pages had no real keyword targets. With this in mind we done a keyword research, which ended with more than 500 great quality keywords.We used these keywords to set the ideal keyword targets for already produced pages and

used these to develop educational content.This assisted us to rank these pages for long tail keywords that brought in a great deal of organic traffic. Despite the fact that these do not have a high search volume, they are absolutely worth pursuing because they have a far better conversion rate.After we have actually ended up repairing all of the On-Page Issues like the thin content pages, it was time to concentrate on backlinks. We have a large network of authority sites and outreach partners whom we work with a great deal of time.First of all, we have to make a poisonous link audit of the present site, to clear out any possibly hazardous links they have gotten and send a disavow request in Google Browse Console.After we have actually cleaned up every hazardous backlink off their backlink profile, we began the link building process.Since the client had backlinks already, we needed to do an anchor text analysis of the site and the competitors as well, as it is extremely crucial to examine what percentage Google likes.The golden days of set ratios like 50% branded 10%target anchor texts are gone. Every keyword and every niche has its own anchor text rules, which we examined using Ahrefs.We have actually taken note of not utilize the very same

anchor texts a number of times to avoid over-optimization issues.Thanks to the work described here, the customer received a 3x natural traffic boost and is very happy. To buy the exact same quantity of traffic each month, they would have to spend$87,297. Instead, they employed us to form an SEO campaign and got the exact same results for a little portion of the price.Although the main keyword is not in the first position, as it is an incredibly saturated keyword, the results show that you can get a great piece of organic traffic with a completely made SEO method.