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Blockbuster season is here, and Apple is riding on the wave by premiering a trio of impressive spots masquerading as films in various genres. Once again, the tech giant is billing the iPhone 13 Pro as a “Hollywood in your pocket,” this time through the camera’s Cinematic mode, 3x optical zoom, and enhanced low-light performance.

In DetectivesApple imagines a scenario from a crime movie where the focus is placed on the leading man, while his assistant is hilariously blurred out for being a mere extra. However, when the second character suggests that he might have a larger role to play in the plot, the lens quickly shifts its focal point.

The Dolby Vision HDR-supported Cinematic mode makes shooting with shallow depth of field on a smartphone a possibility, and it can even predict when a new compelling subject is about to enter the scene. In addition, according to Apple, the iPhone 13 series is the only phone lineup that allows automatic and manual depth edits after a video has been shot.

Next up is The Basement, a faux horror short boasting the iPhone 13 Pro’s advanced low-light capabilities. With great trepidation, a woman follows a voice calling out to her from the basement.

On the iPhone 13 Pro, all cameras all enabled with night mode, bringing crisp imagery in low-lit conditions.

Finally, a man is interpreted to be “descending into madness” in Pavel, a solemn, black-and-white film.

He wouldn’t appear this distraught if not for the iPhone’s 3x optical zoom abilities, which make anything look dramatic.

In spite of the stellar visuals, the characters in these commercials bring the viewer back to Earth by mentioning these filmmaking features. The overall effect, although dramatic, is humorous.


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