Apple Shows How iPhone 12 Triumphs Over Home Cooking Messes In New Ad – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

To promote the durability of the iPhone 12, Apple has released advertisements that show just how tough the device is.

The commercials feature a clumsy cook who keeps dropping the phone while trying to learn a recipe, and a woman who accidentally drops the phone onto the ground.

In the first advertisement titled Cook, the iPhone 12 is shown surviving a tumble, and messes made by flour, milk, and a faucet, while highlighting its water resistance and Ceramic Shield display technology.

As explained on the iPhone 12 website, the new type of glass is infused with nano-ceramic crystals which make it much stronger against drops.

In the second clip, titled Fumble, it showcases the new Ceramic Shield that protects the new device. It features a girl who drops her iPhone 12 during a call, and as she desperately tries to catch it before it hits the ground, a fast-paced Tabla-based beat starts to play in the background.

In the end, she fails to catch the iPhone 12, and it falls flat with the display landing on the hard surface. Thankfully, it has no scratches, thanks to the company’s Ceramic Shield on display, which is touted to be the sturdiest screen cover for mobile in the industry. “iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone,” reads the video’s description.

The Tabla music in the background, called The Conference, was created by British-Indian composer Nithin Sawhney.


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