April Highlights: Digital Marketing & Industry News

Everyday media and technology are changing. As always, it is important to stay up to date on the latest industry news to plan your marketing strategy ahead of time. Continue reading below to learn more about this month’s highlights in social media and industry news.

Instagram is updating its algorithm to rank content for its originality. Instagram wants to support original creators, by making them successful and giving them credit. The new ranking algorithm is still a work in progress, but content edited outside of Instagram will not be penalized and posting history will be a factor. Those who have a history of re-posting a lot of content, can see a decline in engagement. Instagram’s aim is to reduce the dominance of aggregator sites (those who re-post) and give credit to the original creators.

Sprout Social released their annual report, ‘Sprout’s Best Times to Post’, which determined the times when people are most engaged and active on major social media platforms. Remember that posting schedules are niche to your target audience; however, this report can help provide insight into reaching a wider audience and can help experiment with your posting times.

Starting in May, all Google Ad extensions (except images and locations) will be upgraded. According to Google, this upgrade will “reduce the complexity of extension creation and management,” while adding additional features. The biggest new feature is the ability to pause extensions, instead of removing or deleting them; this will not affect the performance of your ads. With the new upgrade, advertisers should see a 20% increase in click-through rates.

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