As e-commerce develops, ready foods are struggling to adjust

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  • Bill Bishop, primary architect at Brick Meets Click, informed the publication that there are opportunities for supermarkets to “artistically promote ready foods at the point of pickup,” as click-and-collect services continue to broaden in the industry.
  • Research from The NPD Group reveals that another major opportunity for grocers is to use “mixed meals,” consisting of both conventional grocery items and ready-to-eat ready meals. Need for blended meals is expected to grow throughout the next five years.

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Restaurants and supermarket are completing cross-channel for online food dollars. But while a lot of consumers view dining establishments as meal experts and supermarket as the place to go to fill their fridges and kitchens, there’s a category that’s getting lost in the shuffle: ready foods.

It doesn’t have to be in this manner. Grocers that have a strong prepared meal presence can take on restaurants and other supermarkets by marketing themselves as a genuine choice for last-minute meals both at the point of click-and-collect pickup and on their websites.

Such top-of-mind messaging can consistently advise customers of grocers’ ability to use spontaneous meal solutions until it ends up being instinctive for those consumers, particularly considering that grocers just recently started focusing more seriously on their ready foods offerings. Grocery store prepared food departments were determined as the 88% of stores polled by FMI stated they now have a corporate chef on personnel), the time is ripe for grocers to pursue dining establishment shipment customers who merely want convenience. They have to put some investment behind marketing themselves as a prepared meal service provider. Inning accordance with Technomic, food shipment is predicted to grow 12% per year throughout the next 5 years, so the investment will most likely be worth it.

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