ATM Marketplace: July Top 5

July can be a sluggish and sleepy summer season. Or not. At ATM Marketplace it was definitely “or not,” as we worked to bring you posts on ATM security-related topics (i.e., EMV, Windows 10, video monitoring, physical and rational security).

We worked to introduce a brand new newsletter on July 25. World of Loan brings you a daily fast-reading roundup of market news and patterns revolving around “the business of cash and the transfer of worth.” You can find out more about World of Money and register for the complimentary day-to-day newsletter here.

Anyways … if your month was as hectic as ours, you might have missed a couple of the leading ATM Marketplace stories for July. No concerns. We have actually got them for you here.

5) Is your ATM security keeping the bases covered?As hazards to ATMs progress so, too, do security measures. To keep your ATM terminals safe and secure, make certain you’ve got everything covered– throughout, and from stovepipe hat to anchor bolts.

find out more 4)8 advantages of video tracking for ATMs From settling conflicts to sealing commitment, video monitoring systems provide any variety of benefits to an ATM deployer. Many there are besides the eight noted here, they add up to one big benefit for both the supplier and the end user: peace of mind.

find out more < a href= target=_ blank title= "EMV at the ATM

: A lot of progress, but a long method to go “> 3)EMV at the ATM: A lot of progress, however a long method to go There are still countless ATMs throughout the U.S. that are not yet EMV certified. This presents a chance for operators of older machines to update to modern, higher-security options.

learn more 2 )Staying up to date with the millennial generation … at the ATM Millennials– the “experiential”generation– have the tendency to guide away from huge, corporate brand names and towards smaller sized, lesser-known business that reflect their worths. This “reverse branding” pattern provides three distinct chances for ATM operators.

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