Attending Digital Marketing Conferences: Your Complete Guide

One of the best ways to boost the skills and knowhow of your digital marketing team is to get them to a conference. It’s there that they’ll learn from thought leaders in the field, picking up cutting-edge tips that they’ll be able to bring back and action in your own firm. But getting your team to a conference, and maximizing the value of the experience, takes careful planning. This guide is all about how you’ll go about that planning, ensuring that your team is able to reap the rewards of learning for the best in the industry at conferences.

Selecting a Conference

There are dozens of digital marketing conferences taking place across North America each year. Some specialize in certain domains, such as SEO or paid advertising, while others cover the broad field, with talks on every niche under the sun. Clearly, your firm will need to select the conference that works best for you, either introducing you to new forms of marketing, or showing you how to hone those select forms of marketing that you currently practice. Do your research before booking your places in order to ensure you’re learning relevant lessons throughout your conference experience.


Next up is booking travel. Even conferences the next state over can be difficult to get to – and some take place in international venues that’ll require you to fly. Wherever you’re setting out to, travel arrangements to and from the venue will be vital for your team’s comfort and security. Many firms prefer to turn to corporate travel management companies to help them organize this element of conferences – helping book flights and transfers, so that your team can focus solely on the conference schedule and what you’re all most keen to learn from it.


Alongside travel obligations comes where you’re going to stay. It’s often the case that conferences take place in large complexes that include accommodation – so, you’ll possibly be paying for beds in the price of your conference ticket. But for those that don’t, leaving you to find accommodation elsewhere, this is something that you need to organize with urgency. All the best beds in the closest hotels to the venue will likely be booked up fast, so as soon as your conference tickets are purchased, you should begin looking at where to stay. If in doubt, contact the event’s organizers for tips on where it might be best to stay.


Conferences are wonderful places. You’ll meet some of the leading figures in the digital marketing field. You’ll be able to talk to businesses like yours that are experimenting with their marketing approach. You’ll be able to sit, listen, take notes, and learn from some of the best minds in the industry. However, all of this is predicated on your team’s approach to the conference, which should be open, inquisitive and ambitious. Take the time to question people, to attend workshops and events, and to fully make the most of the minds around you in order to extract as much value as you can from your time at the conference.

There you have it: the four key ways in which you can plan and execute a brilliant trip to a conference for your digital marketing team.

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