Azure Marketplace brand-new deals: July 16-31

Active Directory siteDomain Controller 2016: This 2016 virtual machine comes preloaded with the Active Directory Domain Solutions function, DNS server role, and remote administration tools for AD, DNS, and the needed PowerShell modules. BlueCat DNS Edge ServicePoint for Azure: Edge decreases your attack surface area, identifies harmful behavior, decreases the time required to remediate breaches, and adds presence and control to business networks under siege from a surge of malware attacks that make use of DNS. Intellicus BI Server (25 Users ): Intellicus BI Server is an enterprise reporting and company intelligence platform with drag-and-drop interactive ability to pull KPIs to tailored dashboards and monitor the organisation criteria on an internet browser or a mobile phone. Intellicus BI Server (50 Users): Intellicus BI Server is a business reporting and business intelligence platform with drag-and-drop interactive ability to pull KPIs to personalized dashboards and keep track of business parameters on a browser or a mobile phone. Ripple Development & Training Suit( If you’re aiming to start with Ripple blockchain advancement and want to have an out-of-box environment operating in minutes, this virtual maker is for you. Archive2Azure-Intelligent Information Management: Archive2Azure is an Azure-powered platform for modernizing your information estate, providing long-lasting, safe, and cost-efficient retention and management of organizational data. Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.1.0: The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) from Thales eSecurity functions as the center point for multi-cloud advanced encryption. You manage encryption keys and policies.Consulting Providers Advanced Azure DevOps: 3 Day Workshop: In this hands-on course from Opsgility LLC, students will discover automation and setup management for Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service using the Azure Resource Supervisor. Azure Data Security Healthcheck: 2-Wk Workshop: The Data Security Healthcheck by Coeo Ltd. will recognize and review information assets and end points, as well as prospective attack vectors and vulnerabilities, suggesting methods and options to mitigate these risks. Azure DeviceKnowing(ML): 2 Day Workshop: This course by Opsgility LLC explores Azure Artificial intelligence for trainees who are either new to machine learning or new to Microsoft Azure. This course is developed for data experts and information scientists. Carbonite Endpoint Defense – Azure 1000 Bundle: Our team will deploy our Platform-as-a-Service offering onto a consumer’s Azure Enterprise Agreement, which will enable the consumer to back up endpoints to Azure. Our group will also provide training. InsurHUB for IFRS17: 4-Hour Workshop: BDO’s team of specialists will information how the cloud-based service InsurHUB can assist your company address IFRS 17 compliance using Microsoft Azure. IFRS 17 issues monetary reporting for insurer in Canada. SaaS Combination with Azure Logic Apps: 3-Day POC: Azure Combination Services (AIS) makes it easy to integrate with any Software-as-a-Service app. This evidence of principle by TwoConnect will enable you to reveal the advantages of AIS and other Azure services.