Azure Marketplace brand-new offers – Volume 19

etcd is extensively utilized in production due to its reliability, fault tolerance, and ease of usage. F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition(BYOL ): This is F5’s application delivery services platform for Azure. From traffic management and service offloading to application access, acceleration, and security, the BIG-IP Virtual Edition ensures your

Intellicus BI Server( 100 Users-Linux ): Intellicus BI Server is an enterprise reporting and company intelligence platform with all the features needed to create an extensive information analytics

Intellicus BI Server (25 Users -Linux): Intellicus BI Server is an enterprise reporting and service intelligence platform with all the functions had to create a comprehensive data analytics platform. Intellicus BI Server (50 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server is an enterprise reporting and business intelligence platform with all the functions had to produce an extensive data analytics platform.

NATS Qualified by Bitnami: NATS is an open-source, light-weight, high-performance messaging system. It is ideal for distributed systems and supports modern-day cloud architectures and pub-sub, request-reply, and queuing designs. Neo4j Qualified by Bitnami: Neo4j is a high-performance chart store with all the functions anticipated of a mature and robust database, like a friendly query language and ACID deals.

ZooKeeper Licensed by Bitnami: ZooKeeper offers a dependable, centralized register of configuration data and services for distributed applications. Bitnami accredits that our images are secure, updated, and packaged utilizing market finest practices.Web Applications AccessData Laboratory 6.4 for Azure: Handle digital forensic investigations in the cloud with AccessData Laboratory 6.4 for Azure. Power through huge information sets, handle different information types, and run numerous cases at the same time, all within a collective, scalable environment. Axians myOperations Household: The myOperations household by Axians opens an age of new flexibility and control for IT supervisors and users. Established by knowledgeable experts, it is the item of years of listening to customers’ voices and needs.

Azure Architecture: 1-Day Workshop: igroup will hold an on-site technical workshop with your IT team and a stakeholder and will perform a deep dive into your business objectives and software application needs, assisting you collect requirements and prioritize your goals.

Existing State & Option Style: 3-Wk Evaluation: Clientek will specify a set of minimal valuable functions, develop a release plan, and detail an architectural approach. At the end of the assessment, you will get a full task proposition.

Data Intelligence + AI & Device Knowing: 4 Wk PoC: Lixar has a proven approach for developing artificial intelligence models that work with numerical information to supply hindsight analysis and much deeper insight into the data, in addition to foresight and forecasts.

Sage onAzure: 5-Day Execution: Move your on-premises Sage accounting application to Microsoft Azure for central access anytime, anywhere. This lift-and-shift execution is for technical and magnate and is provided from another location.

SQL Management Studio Add-in: 6-Wk Application: SQL Server Management Studio Add-ins let you securely and effectively customize your SSMS habits to your specific business requirements. Add-ins will extend limits and improve your SQL Database management experience.