Azure Marketplace speaking with offers: May

Azure Architecture Design 2-Week Evaluation: In this evaluation, Sikich will determine the customer’s business requirements and create an Azure architecture design. This will consist of a structural style, a monthly approximated cost, and estimated setup services.

Azure Enterprise-Class Networking: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, you will configure a virtual network with subnets in Azure, secure networks with firewall software rules and path tables, and established access to the virtual network with a jump box and a site-to-site VPN connection.

Big Data Analytics Solutions: 2-Day Workshop: Information specialists will discover ways to develop solutions for batch and real-time information processing. Different approaches of utilizing Azure will be discussed and practiced in lab workouts, such as Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and Azure Portal.

Digital Platform for Contracting: 4-Hr Assessment: Vana’s contracting solution for government enhances the contracting lifecycle. From contract initiation to records management, it offers a cloud or on-premises platform for nimble acquisition.

Kubernetes onAzure 2-Day Workshop: Kubernetes is quickly becoming the container orchestration platform of option for companies deploying applications in the cloud. Ramp up your development and operations group members with this deeply technical bootcamp.

Lift and Shift/Resource Mgr: 1Day Virtual Workshop: This workshop details ways to migrate an on-premises procurement system to Azure, map reliances onto Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual machines, and provide end-state style and high-level actions to get there.

Handled Expense & Security: 2-Wk Assessment: Our handled service guarantees you remain in control of all your Azure resources in regards to expense, security, governance and regulatory compliance (e.g., GDPR, PCI, ISO).

Migrate Your Sites: 5-Wk Execution: Migrating your websites to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a huge action for your company. Akvelon will move and release your web apps to Azure, enabling you to make the most of Azure’s hosting services and scalability.

Modern Cloud Apps: 1-day Virtual Workshop: This workshop will teach you the best ways to carry out an end-to-end solution for e-commerce that is based on Azure App Service, Azure Active Directory, and Visual Studio Online. We suggest trainees first take the Azure Essentials course.

Permissioned Private Blockchain – 4-Wk PoC: Prior to organisations can utilize blockchain to solve their issues, they should comprehend blockchain’s technical capabilities. Skcript assists you examine, ideate, and build blockchain services for your business needs.

No Dollar Down SAP Migration 1-Day Evaluation: Wharfedale Technologies empowers customers in SAP digital change by migrating SAP landscapes to Microsoft Azure for no upfront costs. This model helps customers overcome their budget plan and resource difficulties.

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