Beef Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy With The New Adwords Marketing Goals Website

As a brand owner, manager or digital marketer, you should always be looking for more effective ways to achieve your business goals – from helping customers to discover your brand to encouraging them to use products or services from your site, and other everything in between.

Today, Anthony Chavez, the Product Management Director of Google’s Advertiser Platform, introduced a  new AdWords website that puts your goals front and center, and shows you which ads work best to accomplish those goals. You can also use this site to find info on Google’s latest ad innovations, success stories from other marketers and best practices guides.

How Can This Website Help Your Digital Marketing Goals?

If you have more than one  local stores in an area (e.g. you have a store on the Island, say Lekki, others on the Mainland say Ikeja, Surulere & Maryland, then some in other major cities in Nigeria), and you’re driving foot traffic into these stores, you can use Google solutions like these new ads with store directions that can help people find your nearest business location.

Or if you have just launched a new app and want to make sure the right people discover it and use it, you can find best practices to get more high-value/ converting users to engage with your app. This will not only help you create brand awareness for concrete leads looking for your apps, but will also help you increase conversion of your products or services.

Check back in on the site regularly as I’ll continue to add content that will help make your business a better place for you and your clients. Also, help us ensure that the site is as useful as possible by sharing your feedback. I look forward to hearing your ideas, questions and suggestions.

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