Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners – Top 10

In recent years digital marketing has been evolving at a rapid rate. It is evident that books are the best source to acquire knowledge in every field. Reading helps you stay updated in the times of ever-changing technology. As a beginner, you must read as many books as you can to speed up your career as a digital marketing expert. Many writers have made efforts to make your journey easy by providing you with an insight into the fundamentals and tools used in digital marketing. However, there are online videos available that also help, but they should be used as a side track to gain knowledge. If you want to have a piece of in-depth knowledge in the subject of digital marketing, book reading is essential.

If you are thinking of starting a career in the field of digital marketing, this article will help you find the most suitable books that will help you boost your career. 

10 Best Digital Marketing Books for BeginnersBest Digital Marketing Books for beginners

  • SEO 2022 Learn Search Engine Optimization 

     Author– Adam ClarkeMarketing Books For Fresher

Why read?

Being a beginner or from a non-technical background you wish to learn about Search engine optimization, then this book is an amazing start. Reading this book will provide you with great learning on SEO in a very simple language ranging from beginner to advanced, an insight on algorithms used by Google, efficiently using keywords, or strategies to become an SEO and internet marketing expert, etc. 

This book is a great advantage if you want to keep up with the time-to-time changes made by Google and what are the strategies to optimize a website in such situations. 

Rating– 4.4 out of 5

  • Permission Marketing

     Author– Seth GodinBest Marketing Books for Students

Why read? 

The author aims to describe the best strategies and methods for converting strangers into friends and friends into customers. In a nutshell, the book describes effective marketing strategies to attract people into a business. Permission marketing implies that rather than annoyingly approaching people, offer them something that attracts them to be your customer voluntarily. For that to happen, you must emphasize working towards customer interest and implement strategies to attract buyers. 

Rating— 4.4 out of 5

  • Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: 

     Author– Gary VaynerchukMarketing Books for Freshers

Why read?

Briefly, the book is about creating or providing the right content to convert online traffic into sales. The word jabbing implies that you throw the most accurate content toward the customers and have them stuck on your hook. The book explains some strong and passionate ways to convert the traffic coming your way into customers. The author emphasizes on providing good quality content that customers cannot say no to. According to the author, social media is one of the platforms that is embraced most by people, so only providing good quality content is not enough; the content must be capable of being adopted by the customers. 

Rating– 4.6 out of 5 

  • Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction

    Author– Derek ThompsonDigital Marketing Books for Freshers

Why read? 

This book is written to explain how things become popular with a blend of psychology and market forces. The author aims to describe the forces that help a product become popular in today’s world. It tells that buyers’ psychology plays a vital role as different buyers need different things, so quality is an insufficient parameter to succeed. Even the most brilliant ideas fail because they cannot get connected with the right audience. 

Rating– 4.5 out of 5

  • The Growth Marketer’s Playbook: Growth Marketers Book

Author– Jim Huffman

Why read?

This book is perfect for you if you’re thinking of starting a business and want to know the right strategies to grow it. This book provides insight on efforts to grow opportunities for your business, avoid making rookie mistakes that 90% of the startup make, and acquire real-life knowledge with the help of case studies and strategies to run a data-driven growth team. If you’re looking to accelerate your knowledge in growth marketing, you must read this book. 

Rating– 4.4 out of 5


    Author– CHRISTOPHER CLARKE and ADAM PREACEBest Marketing Books for Beginners

Why read? 

This book is a great start if you’re starting a career in digital marketing. The author has attempted to clear the digital jargon by providing an insight into what digital marketing is and how it works, understanding who your audience is, what the different forms of digital marketing, social media marketing strategies, or things you should avoid to safeguard your business, etc. 

This book provides confident strategies and modern approaches for your business. It gives a clear understanding of what needs to be done to run an efficient digital marketing business. You can also opt for the best digital marketing courses in jodhpur If you need some expert advice to help you with technical stuff.

Rating– 4.4 out of 5


Author– Magnus UnemyrMarketing Books For Fresher

Why read?

To set up an efficient online marketing business, this book works as a guide and helps in gaining practical knowledge. Reading this book will make you an online marketing expert. This book will help you in knowing things such as trends in online marketing and inbound marketing, lead generation and nurturing, details on SEO and how to do keyword searches, crafting effective landing pages, ads, email marketing, etc. This book is a package when it comes to digital marketing. 

If you’re willing to have in-depth knowledge about online marketing, this book explains almost everything you need to know. 

Rating– 3.9 out of 5

  • Epic Content Marketing: 

    Author– Joe PulizziOnline Marketing Books

Why read?

The author of this book aims to describe the ways to convert prospects into customers by providing them with the content they are looking for. It explains that you cannot keep on providing customers with something they don’t care about. This book has been in FORTUNE Magazine’s Top 5 Business Books. This book is specially designed to emphasize content creation to attract people into a business or to convert prospects into buyers. This book provides a process for writing epic content for customer retention. 

Rating– 4.5 out of 5

  • Everybody Writes

Author– Ann HandleyDigital Marketing Books

Why read?

Nowadays, we are living in a content-driven world, where content matters the most. So in ‘Everybody Writes,’ the author attempts to tell that everyone one of us is a writer. Content plays a significant role in attracting customers to a business. The book aims to suggest that everyone should be able to communicate through their writing; adopting an ambiguous writing style can make you look stupid to your readers. The book includes a guide on how to write effectively, fundamentals on what marketers are supposed to write, useful tools in writing, best practices to create credible content, etc. 

You can also search for online content writing and content marketing courses.

Rating– 4.5 out of 5

  • The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing

Author– Eric SchwartzmanMarketing Books For Fresher

Why read?

Digital pivot plays an important role in online marketing. Digital pivot refers to digital transformation due to various reasons. There are many companies that fail to survive because of these transformations. This book aims at telling the reader about how to determine the needs of the buyers, the basics of SEO, improve the conversion of leads into buyers quickly, etc. This book helps you understand the hurdles faced due to these digital pivots and how you can easily face them. 

Rating– 4.5 out of 5 


To conclude, the best way to strengthen knowledge is to read. It’ll be a great head-start for your career if you take help from these books. Reading these will help you learn the tried and tested strategies from renowned authors. The books recommended in this article are written by digital marketing experts, business owners, and professionals in the field of digital marketing. These are suggested mainly for beginners in the field of digital marketing, small business owners, digital marketing enthusiasts, and professionals who want to accelerate their careers in this field. 

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