Best Digital Marketing Courses in Faridabad| Earn Upto 5 LPA!

You’ve come to the right page if you’re seeking the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 digital marketing courses in Faridabad, complete with curriculum, length, fees, and placement opportunities.

Allow us to explain the growing relevance of the digital marketing business in Faridabad before we get into this list.

Haryana’s industrial centre Faridabad, which is located in the NCR and is densely populated. The demand for digital marketing has increased in this city over the last few years. Because of the obvious scarcity of digital marketing experts, several digital marketing courses are being offered to people with little or no technical knowledge. So here we are, with this article addressing some of the issues.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Faridabad

1. Testbook Select

The present pandemic has shown us that learning is not limited to the traditional classrooms, one can also learn and develop skills from the virtual platforms because whether you learn on a board or through a screen, you will be one step closer to your objective. Keeping in mind the present scenario, you can seize the opportunity to learn digital marketing from the comfort of your own home and reap the benefits of a classroom training course with courses like our online digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Course

Testbook Select’s Digital Marketing Course Training & Internship is a one-stop solution for you to learn and know all the aspects of digital marketing. It will help you launch a successful career in the fiercely competitive field of digital marketing! The means of outreach through marketing have also changed and evolved a lot in the last few years. One who wants to have a successful career in marketing must keep up with changing patterns and evolving trends. This course will help you to get familiar with those trends. Advanced Digital Marketing is quite well-known in today’s world of commerce and business, and it promises a bright future with several opportunities. As a result, it’s critical for a marketer to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and the various online social media platforms that can be used for effective lead generation and trade development by sales and marketing.

To start a career as a Digital Marketer, you should have a solid understanding of SEO, WordPress, Facebook and Google Analytics, Content Management, and Email Marketing, which are all commonly used in successful Digital Marketing campaigns. We are honoured to provide you with the Digital Marketing Training & Internship at Testbook Select, which includes everything you’ll need to get started as a successful Digital Marketer. Check out the Facebook and Instagram digital marketing course linked here.

Course Syllabus

The following essential concepts are required to become a good Digital Marketer, and you will learn them in Testbook Select’s Digital Marketing Course:

This Digital Marketing Course will teach you the fundamentals, tactics, and concepts that will help you stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a proficient digital marketer.

Only a professional who has been practising what they teach teaches each subject at Testbook Select. As a result, students have the opportunity to meet and learn from top industry experts while also obtaining insight into the business world. A handful of the instructors are listed below:

Testbook Select is ranked on top of our list of the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. Digital Marketing Course Training & Internship can be availed in English and Hindi. The course lasts for 94 days. The course costs INR 9999.

Course Highlights

Enroll in the Now!

2. Digitalkal

Digitalkal is a digital marketing training and consulting firm based in the Delhi-NCR region. They provide e-commerce and digital marketing courses in Faridabad to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and freelancers with over 20 years of experience. The experts are at the top of the competition when it comes to assisting people in realising their full potential in the field of digital marketing.

They teach basic and advanced digital marketing courses in Faridabad using the most up-to-date curriculum and the most cutting-edge learning technology and practices. They’ve also partnered with a variety of businesses and industrial groups to build a bridge between industries, education, and individuals, addressing the knowledge and skill needs of all parties involved.

Courses Syllabus

Course Duration & Fees:

Digitalkal is the next institute on our list of the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. The digital marketing course lasts two months during the week and three months on weekends, and it includes entire digital marketing modules from beginner to advanced, interview preparation, and certification exam preparation. You can get more information about their fees by contacting them using the information provided below.

Course Highlights

Contact Details

Phone: +91- 88 00 68 44 11

Address: Door Number-36a, Ground Floor, Vardhman Star Mall, Sector-19, Near Badkal Metro Station, Faridabad, Haryana, PIN: 121002

3. Digital School of Delhi

The Government of the NCT of Delhi has registered the Digital School of Delhi, which was founded in early 2016. They put in a lot of effort to help their students develop the skills that set them apart from the competition by offering training in areas such as digital marketing, web design, graphic design, android app development, website development, and so on.

It is the first institute to include media binding as part of its digital marketing certification programme, which includes both practical and live project experiences. In addition, it is India’s first and only institute to teach event blogging and dropshipping. They provide one of Faridabad’s best digital marketing courses.

Course Syllabus

Course Duration and Fees:

The Digital School of Delhi has also picked a spot in our list of the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. You can contact them using the information provided below to learn more about their fees and course duration.

Course Highlights

Address: SCF-34, First Floor, Sector 16A, Near Post Office, Faridabad, PIN: 121002

Since 2008, Kangaroo Wings digital marketing institute in Faridabad has been a leader in advanced digital marketing courses. No business can get good online sales or leads without active involvement in digital media platforms, such as Google, social media platforms, content marketing, paid marketing, reputation management, and digital branding.

They have been providing advanced digital marketing courses in Faridabad for the past 12 years. You will learn advanced tips and techniques of digital marketing courses in advance training of digital marketing courses in Faridabad.

Course Syllabus

Course Duration & Fees:

Kangaroo Wings is also on our list of the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. The duration of the course is determined by the number of sessions selected. Modules are typically designed to cover the curriculum in 4 to 5 months for weekend classes and 2 to 3 months for regular sessions (i.e, 3 days a week).

It has a fee structure that differs depending on the number of modules and content of the course. You can get more information about their fees by contacting them using the information provided below.

Course Highlights

Address: Door number- B-17, 2nd floor, New Ashok Nagar, Opp Metro Pillar No 163, Besides Om Sai Complex, Delhi East, Delhi, PIN: 110096

Digital Vidya is a well-known digital marketing training institute with locations in 24 cities across India. Over 11,000 students have been trained, and they have provided a very comprehensive learning experience. The trainers here are industry experts with a lot of experience.

The curriculum for their Certified Digital Marketing Master programme (CDMM) is extensive. A series of 44 modules will teach you various skills. They offer multiple online classes per week to help you cover all 44 modules. In the industry, the CDMM course is well-known. They have about ten years of training experience. As a result, they provide their students with the best course content and structure.

Course Syllabus

Course Duration & Fees:

Digital Vidya has also booked a spot on our list of the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. For six months, courses are given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (115 hours i.e, each class is for 2 hours). You can reach out to them using the details provided below to learn more about their fees.

Course Highlights

Contact Details

Phone: 080-100-33033

Address: House number- 267, First Floor, Back Portion, Ip Colony, Sector 30 – 33 E, Faridabad, Haryana, PIN: 121003.

6. Digital Edge Institute

Since 2013, Digital Edge Institute has provided the best digital marketing courses in Faridabad. This Institute is dedicated to developing an internet leader rather than a follower with a global reach. With its unique strategic development programmes, the Digital Edge Institute encourages, supports, and improves student abilities and performance. Its objective is to provide the highest quality materials, training, and student services in the digital marketing area to satisfy the needs of the real world. They also help their students with their careers.

Courses Syllabus

Course Duration & Fees:

Digital Edge Institute is next in our top digital marketing courses in Faridabad list. To learn about their fee and course duration, you can contact them using the information given below.

Course Highlights

Contact Details

Phone: +91-844-747-0220, +91-120-4125020

Address: Door number- A-23, 3rd Floor, Sector-2, Near Noida-15 Metro Station, Noida, PIN: 201301.

Digital Marketing Fees of Institutes in Faridabad

The digital marketing courses in Faridabad are provided by different institutes and have a different fee structure. Please find the table below with the comparison of fee structure provided by different digital marketing course providers.

Sr. No Best Digital Marketing Courses in Faridabad Price
1 Testbook Select INR 9999
2 DigitalKal INR 49,999 + 18% Tax

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Remember that digital marketing is a monetizable skill and spending your time and money to build this skill is an investment, not an expenditure. You can use it to get a full-time job, land freelance gigs, or start your own digital marketing agency. We bring to you the best online training curriculum. Now, you can stay home, spend time with your family, gain practical experience and get job-ready with our Online Digital Marketing Course.

Enthusiasts who like classroom learning can go through our list of top 6 digital marketing courses in Faridabad and decide which one to join. Now it’s your turn to take the first step towards your digital marketing journey and be the industry expert.

We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of the huge field of Digital Marketing Courses available in Faridabad. Now is the best opportunity to enrol in Testbook Select’s Digital Marketing Course before the enrollment session closes!! With the help of our Testbook App, candidates may begin preparing for all types of government exams and learn more. We also have a number of fantastic deals in store for you. Get yours right away.

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Q.1 What are the fees for a digital marketing course?
Ans.1 The fees for a digital marketing course in Faridabad can cost around INR 9,999 to INR 1,00,000. It totally depends on the level of the course you choose like a digital marketing certification course or a postgraduate level program. Testbook Select’s Marketing Course fee is INR 9,999 which is inclusive of advanced modules & placement assistance.
Q.2 Which certification is best for digital marketing?
Ans.2 Testbook Select’s Digital Marketing Course Certification is the best certification for digital marketing in Faridabad. It is an industry-recognized certification course that equips you with all digital marketing skills and provides a separate certification for each of the skills as well. The certification course includes digital marketing topics like Website development, SEO, SMM, Google Ads, Google Analytics, E-commerce, Content Marketing, Copywriting, and many more. Also includes managerial skills.
Q.3 Is there any course for digital marketing?
Ans.3 Yes, there are many digital marketing courses in Faridabad providing various digital marketing skills. Learners appreciate Testbook Select’s Digital Marketing Course because it covers all digital marketing abilities in-depth with hands-on practice. The training is led by industry experts and professionals.
Q.4 Is Digital Marketing a good career?
Ans.4 Yes, digital marketing is a very good and lucrative career option in today’s world. Because of the increasing importance and popularity of digital marketing, every business requires digital marketing expertise. As a result, demand has increased, making now the ideal time to begin a career in digital marketing.
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