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Best Free Resources to Master Digital Marketing

Posted on March 21, 2021 by Allen Brown

The digital marketing industry is growing fast, and now is a perfect time to make a killer career as a professional marketer. However, if you try to master the craft by just googling stuff, things may get really confusing. You’ll get a jumble of contradictory recommendations from different resources, and having no clear vision in mind will eventually force you to give up.

To make things easier, we’ve broken down all available marketing resources to these top six options so you could immediately get down to business and prompt your career as a successful online marketer.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

The first resource to master online marketing techniques is Google’s Online Marketing Challenge. Without undue modesty, this is one of the most exhaustive courses available for beginner marketers. Not only do students have an opportunity to test their skills in real-world marketing situations, but along the way they have a supervision back-up in the face of top marketing professionals to learn from the best. 

Along with a comprehensive marketing toolkit, students get a chance to build an advertising campaign for a non-profit organization. The challenge takes around 8-10 weeks, and students get a Certificate of Completion at the end. Those who receive tops marks from their non-profit clients are awarded a Top Marketer Certificate. The course is not just an excellent leg-up for your resume, it’s actually about applying what you’ve learned and have a set of practical skills at the end. 

Constant Contact

Whether you are an SMM beginner, or a savvy marketer seeking to boost your online presence, don’t look further as Social Media Quickstarter Course by Constant Contact has everything you need. Broken into small, clear steps, the course covers the social media marketing journey from the very beginning to success, across all top social media platforms. Be it an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, in the course, you will learn how to start your page, what marketing techniques to use for promotion, and what mistakes to avoid. With its clear and concise lessons, guides, and glossaries, the course gives students a lot of practical value. What’s even better: it won’t cost you a cent.

HubSpot Academy

An e-mail or social marketing? If you haven’t figured out yet where you want to excel, try HubSpot Academy as they are offering courses in nearly every online marketing aspect. There is also an exhaustive list of certification programs; besides the fact that a fresh certificate will look good in your LinkedIn profile, it’s a great edge to expand your job opportunities. HubSpot also offers an abundance of courses to upgrade design skills, which can be useful both for corporate marketers and for freelancers, like one of our readers Landon:

“As a content writer, I don’t usually work with images, but the job I got could bring me on a completely different level. I was going to pay someone to do my assignment () for me, but then a few HubSpot courses came my way and I gave it a try. What can I say – my rates doubled since then.”    

See it for yourself: a guide, a webinar, or more of a traditional course – you’ll definitely find something to your taste.

Semrush Academy

Similar to the previous platform, Semrush Academy offers an array of courses on different marketing aspects including SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, Amazon sales, whatnot. They also have a good deal of certification exams, which is definitely worth considering if you’re planning on building your future career in a marketing agency or a reputable company. Depending on the exam you choose, they last 7 to 30 minutes, where you earn a certificate as you pass it. All you have to do is to be a registered student of Semrush Academy to enroll in the course or exam for free.  

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is an official training program designed by Facebook itself. Here, they will guide you through the most significant aspects of building marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The courses range from advertising strategies to managing your business accounts. As much as with some other resources shared in this article, both beginners and more seasoned marketers will benefit from these courses. Largely because the courses are built by the Facebook team themselves, they tend to cover all the nitty-gritty details of how to use their social networks for online marketing purposes in the best way. Additionally, they also offer certifications, which will be an apparent bonus besides the in-depth skills and knowledge you will get there. 

Copyblogger has been around in the marketing space since the middle of the 2000s. And now, along with tons of useful information available for copywriters and marketers in their blog, they also offer an extensive course for online professionals called Internet Marketing for Smart People. In the course, they will walk you through the whole process of building a successful marketing strategy – from establishing a trustworthy relationship with an audience to proving that your product is a real steal. In other words, the course will literally give you a one-size-fits-all pattern on how to start your business from the basics, along with a few valuable marketing techniques that might have been omitted in the previously mentioned resources. 

Some more comprehensive than the others, these top six courses will take you on a fascinating journey through digital marketing, covering every tiny detail professional marketers may need in their job. Whether you plan to join an already successful marketing team, help a startup to build their business from scratch, or go into freelancing, these courses will definitely become a perfect addition to your CV and set of skills.

To cut the long story short, there may hundreds and thousands of decent digital marketing courses on the internet. However, those that were mentioned in this article allow you to dive into the world of online marketing as soon as you wish to do so – and it won’t cost you a cent.

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