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There are around 6,139 digital marketing agencies in the United States in 2022. And yet, despite the impressive number, the net profit margin of an agency can be as little as 6%, meaning that there’s not a lot of room for error when managing clients and prospecting for new opportunities. 

Because of that, digital marketing agencies that want to survive and thrive in a competitive market must be capable of implementing the best practices for dealing with customers. Only by providing good experiences to customers consistently can agencies expect to maintain clients for longer, build a solid reputation, and always have new leads in the pipeline to work with.

But how can you build a customer-centric digital marketing agency that consistently provides positive experiences? And what are some of the main areas you should focus on?

Write Next-Level Proposals

A proposal may seem like a relatively trivial part of the client signing process. In essence, you just send over the main things you are going to do for a client, quote a price for your services, and lay out some of the main terms your work will need to adhere to. 

But as many agencies have discovered, a good proposal is much more than that. A professional and well-crafted proposal considers what the client expects, reduces back-and-forth communication, and sets up expectations in a way that increases the value of your services in your client’s eyes.

And that’s why you should take the time to create an outstanding digital marketing proposal template that you can use with all of your clients. Having a proven template that covers all of the essential aspects and lays out the information professionally and conveniently can make creating personalized proposals much faster while also improving their quality.

What’s more, a beautiful proposal also acts as a branding tool, showcasing your company’s voice, vision, priorities, strengths, and anything else you want to emphasize. Most importantly, by having a comprehensive proposal, you can rest assured that the client will know precisely what they are getting. This will allow you to avoid misunderstandings and significantly increase the chances of keeping your clients happy.

Systemize Your Communication With Clients

Communication with clients is an indispensable part of running a digital marketing agency. Your clients will expect you to spend time not just working on their campaigns but also communicating with them through reports, calls, chats, emails, and other ways to ensure that they are up to speed with what’s happening and can have a say in what you should focus on.

But just because communication is a big part of working with clients doesn’t mean you can’t make the process more efficient. After all, every hour you spend talking with clients instead of implementing changes to their marketing campaigns will result in worse outcomes for their businesses. And that’s not benefiting anyone.

Therefore, as a digital services provider, it’s your responsibility to streamline the communication process as much as possible. That means developing a system where the client can receive automated updates that don’t require you or your team to waste time talking to them about every little detail. 

What’s more, you need to set up expectations accordingly at the start, letting clients know that allowing you to work on their campaigns is the best use of your time and that they will receive information at predetermined regular intervals only.

Build Relationships on Social Media

Social media remains one of the most powerful tools for marketing your agency and building relationships with your audience. Therefore, as an agency, you should prioritize building a social media presence that allows you to engage your prospects, current customers, and people in your niche with relevant content that gets people into your pipeline.

The best way to build interest around your social media pages is by providing high-level relevant information that helps your target customers solve problems. Most people who need help from agencies struggle with getting clients online, so providing helpful advice on how to do that is a great starting point for creating valuable content.

Then, make sure you also engage with people in the comments, answering questions, providing advice, and interacting in a way that shows you’re not just an expert but also someone willing to help.

Bottom Line

At a time when digital marketing is becoming a crucial part of success for any business, agencies will always have value to add that companies will be willing to pay for. 

But to achieve success, digital marketing agencies must start with creating a professional image and prioritizing relationships with clients above all else. The best practices listed above can help accomplish that and set up the agency for success in the future.

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