Best Ways to Start Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents 

In an environment of increasing competition, many insurance agents find themselves struggling to grow their insurance agencies and sell insurance efficiently.

Most insurance brokers do not provide up-to-date effective digital marketing systems for their agents to generate leads and sell more policies.

The good news is that insurance agents can take their digital marketing into their own hands and get incredible results.

Using technology and digital marketing it is not expensive to reach your target market with useful content that can educate them and convert them into a lead in your sales funnel.

Marketers always struggle, so don’t be afraid if that is you. The main reason for that struggle is that they do not know the right approach for selling insurance.

This is why we created this article sharing the best ways to start using digital marketing for insurance agents.

Insurance Digital Marketing Ideas

If you are struggling to sell insurance and looking for advice, you have come to the right place, we’ve published 100+ ways to generate insurance leads. And, in this article, we will be giving you some of the best ways you can begin digital marketing for insurance agents, so you can increase your sales and get more customers.

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The goal of today’s article is to discuss some of the activities you are likely already doing for your marketing and how you can take these processes digital and improve your marketing as a result.

Let’s dive in.

Listen and Relate to Your Customers

Listening is the best thing you can do when trying to sell insurance. The main mistake that many agents make is that they go on and talk about everything without knowing the target market when meeting a client. This mistake can be costly.

While you are working, try and relate to your customers: their needs, their want, and their desires. Take into account their age and stage in life, which will help you guide the conversation.

While speaking to your clients, look for something that both of you are interested in and start the conversation there. If both of you love family, share your experiences, and build a solid relationship. When you build such relationships, pitching your insurance becomes easier.

The main truth is that people do not want to buy from those whom they do not trust. They are always conscious of who they give their money to. So, this trust is important to build and to ensure lifetime loyalty.

Digital Tip: Use Online Surveys and Feedback Forms

You can use both offline and online surveys and feedback forms to gather feedback from your customers. When working with different types of buyers of various ages, genders, professional backgrounds, etc you can segment your prospects and policyholders using email marketing tools and CRMs to track each customer profile and send personalized messages to them.

Practice and Work on Your Speaking Skills

When you are going to meet people, you must work on your communication and speaking skills. When your prospects detect that you lack basic communication skills, they won’t buy from you.

In a case like this, what should you do? Practice and practice. Use the best vocabulary and avoid using slang words. Focus on what you are saying and how it is coming across.

Because we are in the era of social media, most of us have forgotten how to use words properly. While slang is popular on social media and the internet, it will negatively impact your business. When building a career in insurance marketing, it is only right that you focus on your vocabulary, too.

If you do not know how to do this, there are several things you can do. Always try to read as much as you can. Look into the mirror and practice. Practicing is one of the best ways to become better at your craft.

Avoid using slang. When you are using slang, you fail to understand proper English, and you will become used to it.

Digital Tip: Create a Digital Webinar Sales Presentation 

Insurance Agents who are successful presenting their products and services to both individuals and groups in person should consider creating a digital sales webinar that can be used to educate and sell to prospects online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Perfecting your speaking skills, pitch, and offer will be of the utmost importance to your webinar’s success, just as it will be for your in-person presentations.

Learn from Experience

You need to know that you do not go into any sales pitch without learning from the experience of others—everything you will try when pitching has been done by other people.

Before you go out for your first sales pitch, look for people that have done this before. For example, if you are planning to go to any company. Go around and ask people that have been to that company before.

Get to know their processes, the companies’ needs and wants, and who the most important people are. One thing you should realize is that with age comes experience. It is better to learn from someone that has more experience than relying just on yourself.

Constructive criticism is also the best way to improve your sales processes. When you meet these experienced people, you know about your prospects, and you will learn better sales processes.

This tip is an important step to take. To improve your marketing processes, you need to find a mentor. A good mentor will guide you and give you the best results you need to excel. Your work will become easy.

Learning from others is an ideal insurance marketing tip that has worked for almost every agent out there.

Digital Tip: Find a Competitor With Great Digital Marketing

Real-life mentors are amazing and you need them. However, when it comes to digitizing your insurance business you should find a person or company that is doing a great job taking their business digital and learn as much as you can from them. You may never get the chance to speak with them but you can review their digital marketing efforts online and get ideas for how to execute yours.

Avoid Talking Jargon Just to Sound Smart

Some insurance agents see talking jargon as an ideal insurance marketing idea, but it is not.

Jargon is one of the main things you need to avoid when creating a sales pitch. Whenever people detect it, you will be sent away. This is one mistake that a lot of marketers do that makes people angry. When they pitch, there always use industry-specific terms that many outsiders do not understand just to prove intelligence.

When you are preparing your sales pitch, be as simple as possible to get the job done. If you need to use insurance terms to get the job done, use them. If you do not need to, please do not use it. The people you are talking to do not know anything about the terminologies. So, try your best to speak at their level.

The secret to selling insurance is telling them how it can relate to them, and not fusing them with terminologies. Nobody would want to listen to you.

Find the best way that you can identify their problems with the solutions that you are offering. When they know that you have the solution to their problem, they will always want to buy from you at all costs.

Digital Tip: Write Online Marketing Copy that Brings Peace of Mind

The same goes for online content, leave the jargon out. It is better to write marketing copy that speaks to your prospects’ emotions and explains how your solutions will make their life better. No one actually wants to buy insurance, what consumers want is peace of mind. So, leave out the technical terms and speak directly to consumers about how you can bring them peace of mind.

Practice Talking to Yourself

No, no. Don’t start acting like a psychopath talking to themselves in public. Just practice your pitch out loud while you are alone.

The top-secret to marketing for insurance agents is, practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Before you go out to any sales pitch, take the time to listen to yourself and practice in front of the mirror.

For effective sales, put yourself in your potential client’s minds and figure that the kind of words they would ask to hear from you.

Their secret to doing this is to assume you are the client, and someone or a group of people walk up to you. What are the things you need to hear before you make a buying decision? When you can identify all these, selling will be easy for you.

When you practice, take a recording of yourself. Ask yourself the following:

When you can figure out all these, then selling will be seamless.

The keyword here is practice. When you practice, you will be confident, no matter where you are.

Pay close attention to how to you interact with the client. When you approach a customer, they will first look at you before listening to what you have to say. If you do not look or sound appealing, they will reject your offer.

Digital Tip: Buy a High Quality Noise Cancelling Headset for Sales Calls 

Your speaking tone, volume, energy, and competence will all come through and be 100% of your perceived communication over the phone. This means that how well you talk and speak is not only important in face to face meetings, it is even more important over the phone when prospects cannot also see your body language. It is worth buying a high quality noice cancelling headset for phone calls to improve your confidence and audio transmission so that you can perform better.

Dress the Part

You must know that you are going for a sales pitch, so you must dress the part. You cannot go to a sales pitch looking dirty and scattered. A professional appearance will always show your clients that you are successful in your field.

As an insurance marketer, one thing you need to know is that selling insurance means selling trust. So, if your customers do not trust you enough, you will not make any sales. Trust is the defining factor between a good business and customer relationship.

Most marketers’ problem is that they do not want to take time and create that good impression before making a sale. Most people just rush into the sales process. Selling requires patience to be able to execute.

Your customers also need to have faith in you for them to make a buying decision. When you dress properly, you give your clients the right impression and trust you even more.

If you are a new marketer, you must ensure that you invest in good suits and smart dresses. When you dress the best, everyone will have confidence in you.

Digital Tip: Dress for Success Online With a Professional and Useful Website 

It seems like everyone understands the old adage “dress for success” but here we are in 2021 and most insurance agents don’t have a website. Another way of looking at this is, you are completely naked online. Not even dressed well, naked. Ok, maybe that sounded harsh like Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares but the truth is dressing for success online means putting effort into your digital presence. Invest in a professional and useful website at the bare minimum to help show people you are dressed for success online to encourage them to reach out to you.

Prepare For Hard Work

Getting insurance sales requires a lot of hard work and persistence. If you are not willing to work hard, trust me, you will fail at insurance sales. When you are inexperienced, you will always have a feeling of inadequacy. You will feel rejected and often want to give up.

If you fall into this category, there is a solution for you. If you want to deal with this as fast as you can, you need to dedicate more time to learn.

Always read books and prepare to pitch your product anywhere, anytime. If you work for a big company, you may be called upon to pitch with little notice. So, you need to keep brushing on your skills and keep practicing your sales copy.

If you are a newbie insurance agent, you must know that you will not start making sales soon. You will need to be patient and learn a lot to work effectively. Every time you fail to make a sale, you should not relent. What you should do is go back and check where you went wrong. After this, you will get it right.

Digital Tip: Prepare to Work Hard and Stay Committed to Digital Marketing Transformation 

Although digital marketing is the lowest cost marketing channel with the highest ROI that doesn’t mean being successful will be easy. It will take hard work. Before you start taking your insurance agency digital make sure you are committed to working hard at developing an online presence that is professional and a marketing system that is successful. You will need to be committed to the initiative of going digital both now and forever, no matter how difficult or painful it may feel initially.

Do Not Make Errors in Communication

This is one mistake that I see many insurance agents make. The most important thing here is to proofread your communication medium. When you are working, you may unintentionally misspell a word which could negatively impact your results.

That is something that could be avoided. When you create your material, you must ensure that you proofread your material and get the right punctuations and spellings.

When you constantly make errors while working, you will often come across as unprofessional and reduce your credibility. You must always ensure that you are careful.

Most people do not know this, but you must check it more than once in creating certain materials. Ask your colleagues for professional advice on how to get it done right.

Digital Tip: Use Grammarly to Correct Your Errors Everywhere You Type Online 

Use a tool like Grammarly that offers a browser extension to help you correct punctuation, grammar and spelling errors when typing emails or any other online communication. You can also use a variety of these writing tools to make sure your marketing copy is original and not plagiarized as well as using the right tone.

Final Words

While trying to sell, always avoid being the one talking. During the sales pitch, make sure that it is an interactive session between you and your customers. Trust me, you may think that you know all about your prospect, but you don’t. The only way to find out is by asking questions.

When you reach out to your prospect, talk to them. Ask them questions about insurance and what they feel about it. Then you proceed further to ask them the kind of insurance that they would need to survive currently, and how much they are willing to pay.

If you do this very well, you will easily identify your customers’ soft spots and know what to sell to them.

Most of them do not know exactly what they want. Some want travel insurance, and at the same time, they also need health insurance. If you come and start pushing one down their throat, it will not be good.

This is also a great way to build trust along with your customers. When they know that you have their interest at heart and not just there to collect money, they will always buy from you.

Now that we have given you our best ways to start using digital marketing for insurance agencies and how to improve your insurance sales, it is up to you to take action.

The process of selling insurance is not an easy one. There will be a lot of hard work, learning, and perseverance to grow your insurance agency.

To succeed in marketing insurance, you need to be willing to learn. Learning never stops in this career. Read books, watch a lot of videos and attend a lot of conferences. Network with like minds in the industry, and you will be the best and at the top in the future.

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