BigCommerce, EPICOR P21, and CLORAS: A Powerful e-Commerce Trio

With the unprecedented global growth of eCommerce, more people are shopping online than ever before. Increased competition also means that you can’t just get by on having an online store alone. Your website must provide genuine value and convenience for the customer so that they continue to do business with you and not the other guys.

B2C and B2B companies alike need to focus on their integration of streamlined website features and the most recent technology in order to give the customer the best experience possible. A combination of BigCommerce, CLORAS, and P21 can bolster your website with more functionality and increase your company’s revenue.


BigCommerce is one of the most sought-after eCommerce platforms for businesses who want to set up a new site quickly and efficiently. Its pricing options are even more cost-effective than those of Magento, making BigCommerce a perfect solution for smaller companies that are new to the industry. Its interface is user-friendly and simplifies the process of creating a B2B or B2C website. Having worked on over 60,000 stores for a total of 5.6 billion in revenue, BigCommerce has become a major player in the eCommerce platform market.


Many manufacturers & distributors across industries use EPICOR Prophet 21 (P21) as their ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP is a software that is integrated into the management processes of a business, often working in real time to prevent compounding errors or a halt in operations. EPICOR P21 is a popular ERP that powers a Digital Distribution Tool at the backend of a system.

There are numerous benefits to integrating P21 into your eCommerce site. The software allows you to centralize your inventory management, uniting multiple locations into one stock. The advanced technology can even predict future demand for certain items in your inventory, keeping your business free from potential stocking issues. With long-term trend analysis at the item level, P21 helps your warehouses stay on top of their seasonal and yearly stock orders.

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CLORAS – A Key to BigCommerce Epicor P21 Integration

Even with both BigCommerce and P21 on your side, manual data transfer between your eCommerce platform and ERP can still be a hassle to deal with. By wasting valuable human resources on such mundane tasks, you increase the possibility of error and miss out on the potential of a truly efficient business system. This is where CLORAS (Cloud Rapid Automation System) comes in. As the name implies, CLORAS helps in integrating any ERP and any eCommerce platform together in order to transfer information regarding pricing, products, customers automatically and in real time.

For example, The entire process from the moment that a customer orders a product for the delivery of that product would be automatically logged and executed in the system. This eliminates the need for employees in certain areas, allowing you to focus your workforce on other more important tasks.

CLORAS allows you to:

  • Increase self-service functionality to customers
  • Show real-time inventory and order data to customers
  • Raise resource productivity
  • Minimize human intervention and errors
  • Boost customer satisfaction

Automatic Syncing

The core property of BigCommerce P21 integration is automatic data synching.

For B2B companies, existing customers from Epicor P21’s master data can be uploaded into BigCommerce as new customers. This allows you to address existing offline customers through eCommerce stores. The master data includes customer IDs, shipping addresses, and other essential contact details. In the case of B2C stores, information on new and registered customers is synced between BigCommerce to Epicor P21.

Synchronization of products between Epicor P21 and BigCommerce gets rid of any manual mistakes that employees are prone to make during such mundane tasks. This way, product price and information updates can be transferred from P21 to BigCommerce with ease and free from errors.

When a customer sees a product that they are interested in, the last thing that they want to see is an “out of stock” label. Other inventory issues like overselling are common among companies that cannot successfully update their stock data on a regular basis. CLORAS synchronize latest the inventory details between BigCommerce and P21 in order to keep its count in check and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Once an order is placed through BigCommerce, CLORAS gets a hold of the order details and automatically creates a customer name, shipping address, and contact details in the P21. This allows for an accountable sales order to be established. Later, this sales order can be given to shipping departments to be used for delivery services. The order tracking number and status is then reflected in BigCommerce for customer reference.


With this trio, you can ensure that your business runs more efficiently with faster and more accurate data processing. Automatic syncing, stock analysis, and a solid eCommerce platform combine to create the ultimate recipe for success. The DCKAP team, with its expertise in ERP integrations, can help you optimize your store with today’s best eCommerce products.

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